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10 Ways to create happy and loyal employees…Part 1

On05/ 05 /15
Employee happiness. It should be at the top of your list of priorities. Happy employees are loyal to you, they are more productive and they are healthier too.

So, how do you make your employees happy? Luckily it is simpler than you may think…and it really doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

This week we’ve only got time to cover points 1 to 5, so make sure you check back next week for the rest of our tips!

1. Respect and trust:

Showing that you respect your employees, value their opinions and trust in their ability to do their job is such a simple and economical way to keep your employees happy and loyal, yet it is surprisingly overlooked in the work place.

To combat this, try offering your team a degree of autonomy – not only are they more likely to be happy if motivated from within, but they will be more productive too – waiting for signoff on projects that don’t really need it is a huge waste of everyone’s’ valuable time.

2. Be open and honest:

Uncertainty about job security takes a huge toll on employees’ happiness and motivation.

Where possible look to get people involved, try keeping them in the loop when it comes to changes that will affect them and ask for feedback and input before making decisions that will shape their role.

You will reduce anxiety, increase motivation and it will help you to get a more complete picture before making big changes.

And always remember: just because you aren’t talking about these things with your employees, doesn’t mean that they aren’t picking up on them or talking amongst themselves. Keep them in the loop and you can make sure that they are getting the facts not potentially harmful hearsay.

3. Training and development:

Don’t underestimate how important training and career development can be to employees’ happiness and their loyalty to your company.

For new starters a supportive training program will help them adjust into their new role, boost their well-being and empower them to achieve their potential, whilst making sure that you are shaping them to be the employee that you want and need, rather than letting it fall to chance.

For established employees, supporting their development and putting systems and resources in place to help them achieve their career goals will show that you are as committed to them as you would hope them be to you.

And don’t forget to give regular feedback – if someone has done a good job, don’t wait until their quarterly review to let them know!

4. Work on retention:

It goes without saying that if people are happy at work then they are less likely to leave. If you investigate and address the reasons that people are leaving then you can try to resolve them, improving retention figures whilst making staff happier.

For example, do you find that many people are leaving because the current system doesn’t support working parents? Perhaps its time to consider implementing flexible working hours and/or working from home…

5. Give back to the wider world:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of those buzz-phrases that have been gaining more and more momentum over the last few years. If you’ve been sitting back waiting for the fad to pass, its time to re-think your strategy.

Not only does a company demonstrating community spirit, environmental awareness and social responsibility help improve brand image and reach, but it also fosters a positive workplace environment – people like working for a company that is talked about in a positive light.

Don’t forget to check back next week for part 2!

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