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10 Ways to create happy and loyal employees…Part 2

On07/ 05 /15
Last week we brought to you our first 5 tips for creating happy and loyal employees, so this week we’re going to finish the list off!

So, without further ado…

6. Employee benefits:

The reason for offering a compelling benefits package is two-fold; firstly, you are more likely to attract talented and dedicated workers to your company with tangible benefits that differentiate you from other businesses. Secondly, you are more likely to retain your employees – offering a solid benefits package demonstrates that you believe in, trust and appreciate your employees.

Try to be unique with your offering, think of things that could really help your employees out or lighten their mood – a weekly ironing service, free food, a games room, an after school club, health trackers…

7. Focus on health:

Speaking of health, it plays such a vital role in your employees’ happiness and well-being. Try making being healthy a company goal:
  • Encourage exercise (free or discounted gym membership, team walking challenges, a climbing wall in your office…)
  • Replace (or at least supplement) the cake & sweet cabinet with a fresh fruit basket
  • Encourage people to take time off work when they are poorly – don’t reprimand them for it. Not only will they get better faster, but they are less likely to spread their germs to other employees!
Small changes can make a big improvement to your employees’ health and happiness, and will show them that they are valued by the business.

8. Think about the work environment:

We spend so much of our time at work, so making the environment as pleasant as possible goes a long way to ensuring employee happiness. Cramped and/or disorganized spaces, a lack of natural light and poor air quality will not only impact on your employees’ happiness and health, but their productivity too.

Of course, there are some issues you simply can’t fix – if your office is in a basement, then there isn’t a great deal that you can do about natural light, but if you make sure that all the other factors are top notch then, on balance, this shouldn’t have as much of a negative impact.

9. Facilitate variety in job roles:

Doing the same work, day-in, day-out, can impact on even the most conscientious of employee’s motivation and happiness. Here it is important to talk to your employees; find out how they’re feeling, see if they feel bored, like they could be doing more.

If they do, see how you can expand their duties to give them more responsibility and variety. See it as a positive situation – you can improve your employees’ happiness whilst making them more productive.

10. Enforce a work/life balance:

A work life balance is vital in maintaining your employees’ happiness. Whilst everyone’s balance will be different (for example, some people thrive on spending more time at work, others may need to leave at 4:30pm every day to pick up their children), it is important that you encourage, or even enforce, a balance. This may mean making lunch breaks compulsory, putting a limit on how many hours overtime they can work or introducing flexible working so that they can do their hours in a time that suits both their needs and the needs of the business.

It may be that you can’t put such practices in place, the needs of every business varies considerably, but even making sure that those who choose to leave on time or take two weeks off in summer aren’t vilified or over-looked can go a long way to supporting your employees’ work/life balance.

Now you should have plenty of tools to set about creating a happy and loyal workforce – if you missed part one make sure you check it out for even more tips!
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