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3 Top Team Building Activities For Employees

On21/ 09 /16
The benefits of teambuilding are well publicised. A team that works well together is likely to be more efficient and ultimately more successful, with happier employees to boot.

When you get it right, teambuilding can help to strengthen bonds, and create better work.

However, it can sometimes be a challenge to organise events that truly resonate with staff. We take a look at three teambuilding activities, which should truly motivate your team.

Problem Solving

Problem solving exercises may be a ‘traditional’ teambuilding activity, however they have evolved over the years to include a variety of new experiences.

Escape games are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the big cities. They take that basic requirement of ‘pitching together to solve something’ and take it up that extra notch.

Whilst each will differ in style and format, the general principal is to find and interpret clues and puzzles that will eventually lead you out of the room or maze. The need to work together can help to cement the team bond, with the time pressure adding extra excitement.

Word of warning: The time is tight – so unless everyone collaborates well, it can be a challenge to make it out in time. Escape rates at one centre we spoke to, are currently 40%. Nevertheless, they will allocate extra time to allow teams to finish the game and leave on a positive note.

High Adrenaline

Choose an action activity and your teambuilding day is unlikely to be dull. 

One of the great things about Go Karting is its wide appeal; even reluctant Karters soon get absorbed into it.

At many tracks, you can choose between an individual or team race format. Understandably, the team format often works better on corporate days; particularly as the emphasis is taken away from the slower individual performances.

Aside from being a fun, morale-boosting activity, one of the clear benefits of Karting is that it quickly gets employees interacting. Participants are keen to discuss the race, reliving the best and funniest moments. This can be great if you want to encourage collaboration between different departments. 

Charity Initiatives

Combining team building with charity is a great way to motivate your team, whilst helping out a worthy cause. It’s also a way to make your events budget go further; providing a legacy as well as valuable experience for your team.

Whether the event involves creativity, sport or something else, it’s nice to choose something that everyone can get involved in. This could be making food for a local soup kitchen or even creating a marketing campaign for a local charity.

Knowing that efforts are going to help something specific often provides that extra layer of motivation. Employees tend to bond when working together for a common cause.

There a wide variety of organisations, offering charitable team building days. Alternatively, if there is a particular organisation you would like to support, you can always go direct. However, try to make sure that it resonates with employees so that they can truly get behind it.

If you’re looking to build your team, Bucks and Berks can help. We have years of experience in sourcing the right candidates for companies across the Thames Valley. For more information, contact us today.
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