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5 Reasons Why People Love Working in Small Towns

On18/ 07 /18
With young graduates flocking to the bright lights of London or Bristol to find work and kick-off their careers, many well-established professionals are choosing small towns over the overcrowded cities. 

This is often a budget-saving strategy as small towns often come with family-friendly perks, such as peaceful living, prestigious schools and wallet-friendly rental prices. 

But there are some other major pluses when it comes to working in small towns, as Bucks & Berks reveals. 

1. Goodbye to commuting

If you are lucky enough to live and work in the same town, it means that you can finally leave behind those long and tiring journeys to and from your work that people living in a big city often experience. Instead, you can jump on a bike and cycle to your workplace. This will help get you fitter, boost your energy and improve your overall well-being in an eco-friendly manner. Sounds better than spending another hour on the over-crowded train while fighting over seats doesn’t it? 

2. Healthy work-life balance

Working in a small town is especially beneficial for families. Fancy finishing work at 5pm and being back at home by 5:30pm to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the comfort of your own garden? Many people in small towns can do just that. 

With less time being spent on travelling you can enjoy more quality time with your loved ones, doing the things you enjoy. 

3. Big fish in a small pond

If you’re looking to grow your career, starting a job in a small town will give you a good opportunity to become a “big fish in a small pond”. This can make it easier to earn a strong reputation because of less competition for jobs – something you might never achieve if working in an enormous city full of other big fish.

This can be especially beneficial for senior-level workers looking to make an impression in an overcrowded market place. 

4. Greater job prospects

It comes as no surprise that many major brands such as Telefónica, Microsoft or Waitrose choose towns like Slough, Maidenhead or Bracknell as locations for their head offices. That’s because big cities are more likely to take entrepreneurship for granted. Smaller cities and towns, on the other hand, offer incentives such as lower rent, more office space and less competition. 

When companies base themselves in smaller towns, they are often able to offer more job opportunities for local job seekers. This provides employees them with the irreplaceable experience of working for world-renowned names to put on their CV. 

5. Best of both worlds 

People living and working in smaller towns such as Wokingham, Bracknell, Marlow or Windsor can enjoy all the perks of loud and flashy city living thanks to fast, direct links with London without actually having to live there.  

This is especially beneficial for people who need to travel to the capital for business purposes but still want to enjoy the slow-paced, quality lifestyle of a small town. 

As you can see, there are some quite compelling reasons for moving out of big cities and into a smaller town. As more and more businesses make the move, maybe it could be time for you to do the same.

Thinking about relocating? Contact our Berkshire recruitment specialist today and enquiry about some exciting job opportunities within the Thames Valley area. We recruit in Bracknell, Marlow, Wokingham, Reading, Maidenhead, and Slough & Windsor areas!
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