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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Graduates A Go

On21/ 09 /17

It's no secret that looking for your first job as a graduate can be tough. The latest figures show that 47% of school leavers now enter higher education, however 1/3 of graduates are not able to find ‘highly skilled’ roles.

Competition is notoriously fierce for graduate roles, whilst companies can be reluctant to take on ‘first jobbers’ for other positions.  This is often due to the perceived time and investment to get new recruits up to speed. 

However, employing graduates can offer organisations a whole range of benefits, from bringing new ideas to the table to giving the team a motivational lift. We take a look at why you should give graduates a go.

1. They’re enthusiastic and ambitious

Young job seekers are often eager to begin their careers and make an impact within the organisation. Their enthusiasm can often be contagious, quickly impacting the rest of the team.

If a team has experienced set backs, or people have been in the organisation a long time, this may provide exactly the motivational lift required to boost team performance.

2. They can bring fresh ideas

Recent graduates can often bring fresh ideas to a business, challenging the status quo, which can lead to positive changes in thinking, processes and more.

What’s more, the candidate’s studies may relate directly to the role, giving you the latest industry knowledge and learnings to help you achieve that business edge.

3. They’re ‘digital natives’

Young job seekers are ‘digital natives’. In other words, they have grown up with technology and are used to troubleshooting tech related issues. This can give organisations a new insight into the latest technologies that could support the business. 

Plus if you experience an everyday tech problem or you want to understand the latest social network, you’ll have a go-to team member to ask.

4. They’re Adaptable

With no old habits to shift, most new graduates will quickly adapt to your way of working. Habits and behaviours can be hard to change and research shows that a new hire can take 1-2 years to contribute fully to the team.

In contrast, recent graduates are normally happy to follow instructions and dive straight in on a project. This often allows them to integrate quickly into the organisation.

5. Lower Salary Costs

Employing a recent graduate means that the salary you pay is likely to be at ‘entry level’. Whilst, it’s important to avoid discrimination by setting all salaries fairly, those seeking their first job will have lower initial expectations. This gives you the opportunity to reward their achievements with future pay rises.

If you’re looking to recruit a graduate for your next vacancy, why not speak to the team at Bucks and Berks? Alternatively you can browse our client area to discover how we attract the very best candidates for our clients.


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