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5 Steps to Boost Employee Retention

On17/ 03 /17

We all know that staff churn can be costly, time consuming and inefficient. When organisations consistently retain their employees, it has a direct impact on bottom line, as well as on the company culture.

There are differing views on what makes a successful employee retention strategy and how busy managers can improve their influence on this, without sacrificing productivity.  So, here are our top 5 tips to get it right, they have worked for us!

1. Get it right at recruitment
The first step is to be clear about what you are looking for, and to adopt an adequate screening process to filter out unsuitable applicants. 

Pressure to fill a position can often result in choosing the wrong candidate, so it’s worth taking the time to ensure you hire the right people.

Equally, be clear in the recruitment stage about what the role entails. This means laying the role out clearly in the job brief, and ensuring expectations are fully discussed at interview.

2. Careful Onboarding
After recruitment, the next step is thorough onboarding. This means giving staff the welcome they deserve and all the information they need to hit the ground running.

When done well, onboarding is motivating and allows new staff members to contribute to the success of the company as soon as they possibly can. When done badly, it can hold the employee back and leave them feeling undervalued.

So avoid the trap of providing a quick introduction and expecting your new hires to just get on with the job. Instead, give new recruits time and attention in their first few months. This goes a long way towards encouraging long service.

 3. Reward staff

If you want staff to stay for the long-term, make sure that they're adequately rewarded. And remember, it isn’t all about pay. 

Ensure you are remunerating at market rates where you possibly can but also look at the rest of your package, including benefits and incentives. Often it will be a benefit that will swing the balance, and encourage employees to stay for the long-term. 

We live in a busy world, and often it's the things that make our lives easier that make the difference, such as childcare vouchers or flexible working. Equally, benefits such as private health insurance show that you are committed to the welfare of your employees, encouraging them to view their future with the company.
4. Training and Development

Training can be a great positive motivator for staff. Firstly, it shows that you support their growth and development. Secondly, it allows them to set and work towards goals, with the potential for future progression.

By offering training to employees, you are essentially investing in their future and encouraging them to be a part of your organisation for the long term.

5. Culture
Work culture is often cited as a key factor in job satisfaction. Ultimately, staff will stay in an organisation where they enjoy their day to day.

Creating a strong positive culture takes work. It starts with an empowering vision, a healthy dose of positivity and working to uphold these values in everything they do.

How do you create a strong vision for your company? You focus on the kind of company you want to be and involve employees in this process. You then produce a company charter, highlighting these values and ensure that they are filtered down into everyday processes.

If you are looking to recruit staff for the long term, why not get in touch with Bucks and Berks? We can help you find the right staff, and even manage the process from start to finish.
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