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5 Tips for Sprucing up Your LinkedIn Profile

On03/ 05 /18
In a world of modern technology, finding the right candidate to fulfil a role can be easier than ever – all thanks to the Internet, which has armed both job seekers and recruiters alike with powerful weapons such as professional networking platforms. One of which, is LinkedIn. 

To maximise your chances of getting noticed, we’ve put together the ultimate list of ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

1. Pay attention to the URL

If you’re called Mark Smith, you’re one of 12,350 Mark Smiths (yes, we’ve checked) who use LinkedIn. This might be a little confusing; especially for recruiters who are trying to find your profile on site, hence why it is essential to make sure they target the right person. 

One way of doing this is by altering your profile URL, where you can get rid of the random numbers next to your name generated by LinkedIn system and enter details that matter. This might be, for instance, the industry you’re working in or your official job title.

2. Use a professional photo

Did you know that LinkedIn profiles which include a picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed?

While using a selfie from the last weekend’s party might be tempting, make sure that your LinkedIn photo represents you in the best possible way. We’re talking a professional, smart looking photo of you. LinkedIn is for professionals this is the image you want to portray. 

3. Use your headline to promote your skills 

You think: Mark Smith. 

We think: Mark Smith | Award-Winning Designer & Marketer | CIM Qualified

While reviewing thousands of LinkedIn profiles, we’ve noticed that many job seekers don’t realise how effectively they can use the blank space below their name to perfectly advertise themselves. So, if you’re about to make a start on polishing your profile, why not think about a clever advertisement that emphasises your expertise and qualifications?

4. Fuel your story telling 

Aiming to capture a recruiter’s attention? Turn the boring “about me” section into an inspiring story to give them a glimpse of your personality! 

Write a brief but creative summary of your skills using these 2018 Buzzwords, use the keywords and proofread everything twice. The simpler the better, so aim at keeping the story short and sweet. 

5. Be active 

Did you know that your connections have the power of tracking your LinkedIn activity? To ensure you stay ahead of the game, follow the key industry leaders and engage with their content by sharing your own insights. 

Joining specialist LinkedIn groups is also a good idea as you can establish a relationship with the industry pioneers and widen your network. Moreover, actively participating in dedicated discussion forums can support your efforts of building yourself an expert image what can be easily spotted by the recruiters looking for employees like you.  

For more job-hunting tips, make sure you visit our blog section. Alternatively, why not talk to one of our recruitment specialists to discuss your next career steps?

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