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5 Tips to Prepare for your Appraisal

On30/ 03 /17
The performance review period is often a time of nervous anticipation.

As the majority of us only have one appraisal a year, it’s an important opportunity we should strive to make the most of. Consequently, we tend to put pressure on ourselves in the lead up to our review.


However, help is hand. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you sail through your appraisal and get the most out of your meeting.

1. Collect key data

Do your prep – this means collecting all the relevant data and statistics on your performance. Your manager will have their own data, however it’s a good idea to collect some stats that demonstrate your best work.

Be ready to name key projects and dates e.g. "In August I completed X, Y and Z and the results were X". You could even bring some feedback from a client or colleague to back up your contribution.

2. Define your objectives

You may believe that it’s up to your manager to steer the meeting, however the more input your provide, the more you’re likely to benefit.

We are always reminded that interviews should be two-way, and that candidates should ask plenty of questions. Exactly the same principal applies with appraisal meetings; they should be a forum for both parties to discuss performance, plans and opportunities.

Maybe you want to enquire about opportunities to learn and develop or pinpoint ways to gain more confidence? Whatever your goals, be really clear about what you want to get out of the meeting and let your boss know what you wish to discuss in advance. 

3. Take Responsibility

A key part of growing and progressing at work is your ability to be objective and take responsibility for your actions.

If your manager is critical of any aspects of your performance, be ready to take responsibility for the actions that you can control. Also try to understand how your actions influence the overall performance of the team.

Being objective shows maturity and self-awareness, which is essential for progression in any business.  

However, don’t be afraid to stand your ground if you don’t feel you were able to influence a particular result or situation. Just be clear rather than defensive in your response.

4. Show Initiative

Show initiative by coming up with solutions to any issues before your appraisal meeting. In particular try to identify your main weakness and have solutions ready to show your manager that you are already taking action.

This might be researching some training courses or reading up on a particular subject. Arriving at your appraisal with ready answers will show that you are proactive and serious about progressing within the organisation.

5. Be Future Focused

It’s vital that you demonstrate to your manager that you are future focused and know where you want to go in the company. You can then ask for their support in helping you achieve your objectives.

Before your review meeting, take some time to think about your goals. You can then talk these through with your manager, and start to shape them into a framework for your future development.

If you want to know how you can get ahead in your career, get in touch with Bucks and Berks today. Our experienced team can help you find the right role to progress in your career.
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