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A Career Temping - work that works

On17/ 07 /19

Temping is great, well we think so!  There are so many reasons why it can be the right career move for you; trying out different roles, gaining key skills and experience, getting a foot in the door with a particular company, or just enjoying the flexibility and variety of working where and when suits rather than in a permanent position. At Bucks and Berks Recruitment we deal with a wide variety of temping roles, from last-minute short-term bookings to longer term contract and interim positions. Temp staff provide a valuable and flexible resource to businesses and are a vital part of the economy as well as business success.


Temping to Retirement:

Remember that temporary doesn’t always mean short term.  This is the case with many of our wonderful and loyal candidates, one of which, Lin Luff retires after 11 years temping with us.  She has been a pleasure to work with and we are sad to see her go but wish her all the best. 

Before she went off for a life by the coast we popped by to wish her well and grabbed 5 minutes with her to find out all about her experiences as a temp and why she loved it.


Q: How long have you been temping with Bucks and Berks?

Since 28 July 2008 - nearly 11 years.

Q: What made you go into temping in the first place and did you ever think you would be doing it for this long?

I had been looking after my children and then childminding for 31 years and had not worked in an office since January 1977. I thought temping in different companies would be a good way of using my rusty secretarial skills and gaining experience in the new technologies.  I did not think I would be temping for as long as this, I thought I would end up finding a permanent position with my newly-honed skills. At times, I thought of applying for a permanent position within the company I was temping for, but I really enjoyed my job and didn’t want to do anything else.

Q: What is it that you like about working in temporary positions?

Like any career choice there are advantages and disadvantages in being a temp. I appreciated having the flexibility to choose when I worked (within a framework of core hours). I also found it easier to take any time off without constraints of time limits set by annual leave.

Q: Do you still benefit from much the same ‘perks’ as your permanent counterparts

After temping for a certain time you have the same benefits as permanent staff; holiday pay, pension contributions, use of the car park, canteen and the discount staff shop. Additional perks such as reflexology, free gym membership, counselling support and charity time off is not part of the temp contract.  Every company differs in how they package their temp staff offering, but if temping longer term you always get statutory holiday and pension so you don't miss out in that sense.

Q: Why would you recommend temping to someone?

Temping is great if you need flexibility in your working life. Also it can be great for gaining experience in the workplace and moving on to the next opportunity. I got on so well with my line manager that she kept me on for years.

Q: Any big plans for retirement?

Oh yes! My partner is already living in our new house in Bridport, Dorset. Following my official retirement date I will start moving my ‘stuff’ down to Dorset and then live there permanently. Though I am retiring from paid employment I hope to find volunteer opportunities in the local area. I have volunteered in the Child Contact Centre in Maidenhead for the last 15 years and wish to continue that in Dorset. I also plan to ‘listen to readers’ in Primary School. I believe that learning to read is such a fundamental skill. I have always enjoyed reading books (rather than a Kindle) and would like to help impart that love of books and enjoyment of reading to young children. Some children just need a little more help and encouragement before they fly.
And, of course, there will be time for the gym, gardening and holidays. Well, I hope there will be time for all of that!

Want to know more about temping and interim positions? We can help you make the career move that is right for you, submit your CV today to find your next Temporary, interim or permanent job in Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, High Wycombe, Reading, Bracknell, and the surrounding areas.

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