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A Year in Job Hunting – When is the Right Time?

On10/ 05 /18
Personal circumstances, career progression, a desire to travel… People decide to change their careers for many reasons … and is there really ever a right time? Apparently, there is! While there will be suitable roles advertised throughout the year, applying for a new job is in a sense like selling a house. Some months are better for it than others. If you feel that you’re ready for a change, check out our guide below which will help you choose the perfect time to make the most of your next job search. 

New Year, new job?

As the first month of the year has a reputation for being the most popular time for those looking for fresh job opportunities, research carried out by Workopolis has shown that January isn’t as ideal for job-hunting as you’d think. 

While January is indeed a strong hiring period thanks to new projects and full budget pots, you must bear in mind that the competition will also be high. If you want to stand out, make sure you seek some tips to help you land your perfect role in the New Year

March, April and May

The surge in hiring at the start of the year usually holds momentum until summer arrives, so if you weren’t lucky enough to secure a new job at the beginning of the year, then Spring is a good time to give your job hunt another go. As holiday season approaches, companies often feel more pressure to complete the hiring process to provide cover and to prepare for things to ramp up again post summer, so now might be the perfect time. 

This is also a particularly strong time for temp work as recruiters and businesses begin the search for temporary support to cover the summer holidays. 

June, July, August 

Many businesses will start to run at a slower pace during the summer months, which also seems to affect the hiring process. This is mainly because of people going on holiday, which means that securing an interview takes longer than usual.  You might have to be a bit more persistent to secure an interview, or be prepared to wait. 

On a positive note, many job seekers are holidaying over the summer season as well. And, with significantly lower competition, your chances of landing a dream job are much higher – all you need is just a little bit more patience! 

September, October

When it comes to recruitment, job applications submitted over the period of September and October have the same chances to succeed as the ones submitted at the beginning of the year. This is especially true for industries like retail, who look for seasonal workers to cover the over Christmas break. Industries such as manufacturing, hospitality and distribution also tend to experience a spike in demand in the lead-up to Christmas. 

But when ISN’T the right time? 

While no time is a ‘bad’ time, November and December do tend to mark a significant downturn as everyone starts the wind down for Christmas. The mentality of ‘It can wait until the New Year’ often means companies will hold out on advertising roles until January. 
If you do find a shortage of jobs, why not use these months to really focus on reshaping your job-hunt strategy. This would also be a great time to ensure your CV and Linkedin profile are looking tiptop. If you need some more tips, don’t hesitate to visit our blog section today.
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