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Accelerate Your Career With These 5 Skills

On20/ 12 /17

The start of a new year is a natural time for us all to think about how to make the coming year the best yet. New Year, New You, New Challenge.  

 If you’re looking to revive or boost your professional life in 2018, start by developing the soft skills below to accelerate your career.

1. Interpersonal Communication

This sounds obvious, but whilst many of us think that outstanding communication skills are something we’ve been born with, 96% of executives cite that a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication are the cause of workplace failures.

To tackle this problem, think about the strategies you could use to improve your internal communications. For example, compiling minutes and follow-ups in writing after meetings will not only strengthen your writing skills, but also allow effective and smooth communication between you and other team members.

 2. Time Management

Managing your time in the workplace is a real challenge. On many occasions you might feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead and discover that poor time management can be an unhealthy source of stress, so it’s a good practice to improve it by implementing a few easy tips.

Working around a schedule, for example, is an ideal way of getting things done in a timely manner. Next time, when your boss assigns you a task, ask him/her for a clear timeframe, then plan your priorities accordingly and stick to them.

Another great habit to develop is to create “to-do” lists and tick off tasks when complete. By doing this, you will learn how to multi-task effectively, improve your time efficiency and develop ‘working under time pressure’ skills.

If you need extra help with managing your time, check out our article on time tracking.

 3. Ability and Willingness to Learn New Skills

Whatever sector you are in, willingness and ability to learn new skills are a must. In the modern workplace, being a person who is knowledgeable and is willing to get stuck in to different tasks is invaluable.  

Learning new working skills and strengthening those you already have is critical to your career success and overall well-being. It will increase your self-confidence; make you more employable, and open new doors in terms of professional and personal growth.

4. Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

According to research, three in four employees (75%) rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”. This means that it’s time to switch your “working individually” mode to “working as a part of team”.

Although not everyone needs to be an admirer of working as a team, effective teamwork can result in increased efficiency and creativity.  

Moreover, working as part of successful team will also bring you the recognition you deserve and can provide you with an insight into managing people, which will be essential in order to develop your position to management level.

5. Creative Problem-Solving Skills

Can you turn “problems” into “challenges”? To succeed in your desired career path, learning creative problem-solving techniques is a must. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll need to face problems on a daily basis and seek solutions to resolve them.

Creative problem solving is a proven method for approaching a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way and it not only helps you create better solutions, but it also makes for a positive experience that helps speed up the adoption of new ideas.

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