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Are You on Track for Your Christmas Bonus?

On07/ 12 /17

The Festive Season is just around the corner, and while many of us are getting our party shoes at the ready, others will be preoccupied thinking about whether they will receive that end of year Christmas bonus.

If you’re not sure whether you’re in for a treat this Christmas, it might help to ask yourself the following questions to really assess your 2017 performance:

Question 1: Have you been pro-active this year?

In most modern workplaces, it is not enough for employees to sit down and watch how the business works; instead, they’re expected to make things happen.

As many of us tend to stick only to the tasks given, working through the regular list of ‘to dos’ will hardly make your manager recognise your contribution.

If you feel like this year you haven’t really achieved anything big (winning an office competition for exchanging the most irrelevant GIFs doesn’t really count on this occasion, unfortunately), try to be proactive rather than reactive next year.  For example, highlight new business opportunities or identify areas where you could make savings for your company.

Question 2: How was your performance?

Everyone is entitled to the odd off day at work, but consistently sitting at your desk looking extremely tired and unhappy is not looked upon favourably.

There is a long list of habits that impact your work efficiency, such as good nights sleep and the lifestyle you’re leading. So, before approaching your boss about a Christmas bonus make sure you can truly say you gave 100% to your job this year.

If you need some tips on improving your office performance next year, check out our “How To Be More Efficient At Work” guide.

Question 3: Have you gained any new qualifications?

Career stagnation is very disheartening. It can lead to loss of motivation and enthusiasm, which isn’t helpful when it comes to ensuring that you’re working at your most productive.

The best way to prevent your career from slowing down is by working toward achieving new qualifications. 87% of millennials rate professional career growth and development opportunities as important to them in a job.

Professional development is incredibly important for both employers and employees, so do what you can to expand your knowledge in your current role. You never know, it might stand you in good stead for that Christmas bonus.

Question 4: Have you volunteered for new responsibilities?

Employees make themselves more valuable to a company when they volunteer to take on additional responsibilities. Getting your hands on new tasks such as your company’s event organisation will not only provide you with some extra experience, but will show your enthusiasm and commitment to the role and company.

Question 5: Have you got evidence?

If you feel ready to have a chat with your boss, ensure you have all the necessary evidence. Can you show how you increased revenue or grew website traffic? If you worked towards new qualifications this year, do you have the certification? Organised an event for the company? Have the details to hand. After all, your boss may not remember (or even know) about every single achievement, so be ready to show off what you’ve achieved and shout about why you deserve a bonus.


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