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Crazy Jobs that You Won't Believe Actually Exist

On18/ 07 /19

If you’ve just finished university and are looking for a graduate role, your first step into the job market might be one you’re not expecting! 

As soon as you start job hunting, you’ll find out that more companies and far more jobs exist than you’ve ever imagined.

With this in mind, we take a look at some real jobs that you probably never thought existed!

Chocolate Inspector

The UK is home to hundreds of chocolate producers, from big players like Mars based on our doorstep in Slough, to artisan chocolatiers new and old. With so much competition, it’s quality that counts, and we’ve found plenty of job adverts for chocolate inspectors in the market; healthy dose of enthusiasm and attention to detail needed!

If you’re taking on a shift with working hours of 6am to 3pm, you can be eating chocolate for breakfast most days; something that might only otherwise happen at Christmas and Easter.

Or for those who prefer a morning run to work off the calories, why not start your chocolate shift at 3pm, and head home after your daily midnight feast?

Royal Clock Watcher

As an ‘Horological Conservator’, you’ll be tasked with preserving, checking and restoring all of the clocks, watches and sundials in the Royal Household.

And what does the ‘Royal Household’ include? From famous local residences like Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Frogmore House, to commonwealth countries in Canada, Africa, Australasia and Asia, that’s a lot of timepieces to keep track of.

This also means rubbing shoulders with royalty, accessing private rooms, and working with precious historical artefacts. Don’t worry though, we’ve got plenty of other jobs in Windsor on offer if clocks aren’t what make you tick.

Kids’ Toy Tester

The Bucks and Berks counties are home to huge players in the toy industry, with Mattel’s headquarters in Maidenhead and The Entertainer based in Amersham, near High Wycombe.

This makes it the perfect place for big kids looking to play whilst they work to find a role, and we’ve seen jobs going as buyers, designers, merchandisers and demonstrators in their head offices. With graduate roles in customer services and administration available, you’ll soon be able to learn the ropes before growing up into a full-time toy tester position.

Celebrity Personal Assistant (PA)

Fancy a taste of the high life? Want to travel the world?

There are permanent and contract roles available all over the world as a celebrity PA. From film writers and fashion designers to musicians and chefs, these are incredibly varied roles with no two days being the same. Being a PA for this segment of the population will likely mean flying to engagements, launches and lunches, managing diaries, keeping household staff in the loop and keeping your employer’s social media platforms up to date with the latest posts of their crazy-busy life. It’s all part of the exciting whirlwind of celebrity PA work. Get your foot in the door with one of our Graduate PA jobs.

Beach Manager

Get back to that ‘gap year feeling’, by taking on a role as a full-time beach manager. Here, you’ll find yourself responsible for planning and providing beach and watersports activities for holiday makers.

After a morning instructing windsurfers, teaching tennis or delivering dinghy sessions, the afternoon is yours to relax on the beach, or perhaps work hard… on your tan.

Maybe being paid to do what you love isn’t such a crazy job after all….

If you’re looking to get paid to do what you love, take a look at all of Bucks and Berks’s current jobs.



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