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Creating the perfect Twitter profile

On26/ 05 /21

Job Hunting on Social Part 2

Twitter is a fantastic resource for job hunters as we explained in our first How To article that covered searching on Twitter for your next role. However you can also use twitter to attract the attention of recruiters and companies, and bring the right role to you. Now we aren’t saying that with a good Twitter profile you can become the next Richard Branson, but it can certainly help start you on the career path you choose.

First Impressions

Remember first impressions are key; and this doesn’t just start at the interview now. Potential employers can find you through any social channel, not just LinkedIn. More and more employers will check the social media profiles of potential employees, so make sure yours gives the right first impression. Putting you in a good place before the interview even starts.

Your Name and @handle

This may seem obvious but using your actual name is the best solution. If that is not available try an abbreviated version or adding a middle initial. You can add in something that is relevant to the roles you are looking for or something you are interested in. For example, if you want to work in digital marketing ‘@digital_lee’ or if head of finance is your ambition ‘@Sam_accounting’. Avoid nicknames from your mates.  Your profile is your online business card. 

Your Profile Pic

Images are one of the first things an employer will notice. Make sure it stands out and sends a good impression of your character as an employee. Nobody wants to interact with a cartoon cat (well almost nobody), and it goes without saying keep it clean! Make sure the picture isn’t blurry and you can be seen, check the dimensions and quality of shot, we all have smart phones so you can always snap and upload a new pic if you don’t have one already. 

Your Bio

160 characters to tell people a little bit about you, not as easy as it sounds. It will be a reflection of what your tweets will be about, be honest, include interests and key facts about you. Show a bit of personality and your uniqueness so that you can find the right employer for you. 


Simply put, don’t lie about where you are. If you are in Maidenhead, say that and you can connect with local companies and find the right working community to support you on your doorstep.

7 ways to Get Your Profile Noticed

  1. Follow

    As we covered in Part 1, follow companies, industries and people that interest you and you want to work in. You might see a job posting there, or some industry news that could lead to an opportunity.

  2. Keep it real

    Although we are saying to keep it professional you need to be you. Post things you care about and are interested in, you will be naturally more engaging when you have a genuine interest in something.

  3. Join the Convo

    If you want to get noticed you have to get out there. Use @mentions, likes, retweets and comments to interact with others on the platform. Get to know people in the industry or businesses you want to work in, it is all a form of networking to expand your potential recruiting audience.

  4. Be relevant

    Think about who you want to be reaching with your tweets, give them something that will appeal to their own interests or current circumstances. The more followers you have, particularly in a relevant industry, the more potential employers will see your profile.

  5. Media

    This just means attach an image or article to your posts where you can, it makes them stand out more and adds another depth of interest.

  6. Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar

    Getting this right is important because it highlights your communication skills. A vital skill in any role, even if you are not communicating with external customers you will be with internal teams. Plus it is hard work to read tweets that have bad spelling and no punctuation.

  7. Keep it consistent

    Be active but not annoying, relevant and valuable tweets on a steady basis will start to build your reputation and audience.

Job Search Support

Job hunting in a digital age provides so many opportunities, but also can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t rely on just one channel to reach your dream job. Find the right support networks, whether that is online communities or a great recruitment consultant (here is our team). There is so much available to guide you and support you on your employment journey. Why not follow us @bucksberksjobs to see all of our latest roles in and around the Thames Valley or contact us to discuss your career goals.

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