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Festival Tips: A Guide to Festival Survival

On22/ 08 /18
Live music, great performers and cold drinks – the summer music festival season has become a British tradition. With only a couple of weeks to go until our local Reading Festival, the biggest rock music event happening in southern England, at Bucks & Berks we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you survive the hottest season of the year. 

Camping essentials 

If you’re planning a few days stay as a festival camper, you should remember that good preparation is the key to success. Think about the essentials first – a large tent, dozens of wet wipes and a power bank are now your best friends. 

A cheap phone with a decent battery time will also work miracles. Trust us, although taking your shiny smartphone to take instagram-worthy photos might be tempting, you don’t want to take the risk of not being able to communicate with your peers of family when your battery dies.

Never get lost again

If you’re going to attend a festival with your friends, consider taking a statement banner to help you all gather together if you’re lost.  

Sure, WhatsApping each other sounds like a safe option, but you should remember that the location of a festival could cause major coverage issues so you need to have a backup plan. For example, a corner bar by the main stage could make a perfect meeting point if any of you get lost, so review the festival site and agree on your ‘emergency’ spot.

Plan your travel 

If arriving at a festival on Friday afternoon and leaving it on Sunday night sounds like a great plan, think again. 

Arriving at the event’s location on Friday early afternoon is a guarantee of being stuck for ages in traffic and a huge security queue.  Any festival-goers planning to return on Sunday night will also face some major delays as you’re not the only one travelling back from a weekend away. 

There will always be ques, but use your time wisely, arrive to the Festival site early, well before the gates open. You may have to sit and wait to get in (plenty of time for catching up with friends) but you’ll be able to secure a premium tent spot and go through the security checks without the fear of being late for your favourite performance. 

Go for the comfortable look

If you’re heading for your first festival ever, forget those sparkling high-heels and think wellies or flip flops, depending on the great British summer weather.  

We understand that resigning from your classy night out look can be upsetting, but picture your favourite heels stuck in a farm’s mud. Yes, we warned you! 

Take your own food

Let’s face it – festival food is over-priced and often low quality, so before you head off to your first festival make sure that you have your own eatables packed. Unfortunately, you’ll be not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the main events, but you should still keep your own food in your tent for weekend snack essentials. 

Salad packs, crisps, sweets and read-to-eat snacks are great to take with you, but you should steer away from any food that requires too much prepping as you want to spend your time enjoying the music not cooking a 3 course meal! . 

Remember to take a water container which you can fill at a nearby drinking water tap – remember that open-air events can get really hot and drinking plenty of fluids is a must (beer doesn’t count, unfortunately)!

Get some sleep

Finally –get some sleep! 

Not an easy task in a tent, so take an eye mask and ear plugs so you can actually get to sleep when you want to.  Remember that you’re not a super-human party machine and trust us – you will really appreciate our advice when you will eventually have to survive the entire week in the office after the weekend of partying. 
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