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Fifteen Minutes with Lucy Cameron

On25/ 09 /17
Lucy Cameron is our Principal Consultant on the Permanent Team for Bucks and Berks Recruitment.

She has worked in the commercial recruitment sector for the majority of her career, since joining 
Brook Street in 2003 as a Trainee Consultant. In her first year, Lucy finished in the Top 20 permanent consultants throughout the whole of the UK, and found that she had both the skill and passion for a career in recruitment. 

Since joining Bucks and Berks Recruitment 11 years ago, Lucy has taken on a variety of roles including Business Development, Recruitment Co-ordinator, and her current role managing accounts across Marlow, High Wycombe and the surrounding area.

Having worked in the Thames Valley for her whole career, Lucy has built excellent longstanding relationships with a wide range of clients and candidates. They come back to her year upon year citing her knowledge, speed, matching ability and honesty as their main reasons.

Lucy is a force to be reckoned with, unfailingly achieving targets month after month, with great passion and gusto. She has taken time out of her hectic schedule to give us an insight into her working day. 

What is the first thing you do when you get in? 
I’ve already answered any urgent emails that have come through as I get my emails on my iPhone so they’ve been checked as soon as I wake up.  But during the drive more come through so as soon as I get in I reply to anything urgent and have a quick catch up with my Support Consultant, Kathryn. We will go through the list of live jobs and check where the focus will be for the day.  Then it’s time to start going through applications, registering candidates and arranging interviews.
What do you do in a normal day? Or how do you like to plan your day? 

What is a normal day?!  Each day is different, that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much. I never know what’s going to crop up when I come into work in the morning.  The job is very reactive so planning your day is very hard.  I mainly spend the morning going through applications and ringing candidates, booking them in for registrations, and answering emails and then the afternoon is usually spent resourcing on job boards for candidates and contacting clients/following up leads.
What do you most enjoy about your job? 

The variety probably and the interaction with people.  I’m incredibly nosy so I love looking at CVs and going through them with candidates! I also enjoy visiting clients and finding out about companies and what they do, how they work, etc.

What is the most interesting role you have worked on? Or what types of roles do you work on the most?

Most of the roles I work on are around the £15k - £30k salary bracket.  They range from customer service to admin to finance to marketing to HR. Basically, anything within an office.  I really enjoy working on junior level roles as I like helping those candidates get their first office role. It’s nice to hear from them a few years later and to see how well they’ve progressed in their career.   

What is the best or most interesting job you have ever done?
Probably the role I’m in now – I wouldn’t have been in it for 11 years if I didn’t enjoy it.  It can be difficult when things go wrong but the good definitely outweighs the bad!

What is your biggest frustration? Or what challenges do you face on a daily basis?
Working in recruitment, your product is “people” and we all know that people have their own minds.  Therefore, I’d say my biggest frustration is when candidates let you down which unfortunately does happen.  
What is the best bit of advice you would give any new candidate or recruitment/support consultant?

For a candidate I would say research and prepare.  One of the main bits of feedback I get from clients is the candidate wasn’t prepared enough or didn’t know enough about the company or the role and didn’t ask questions.  It’s so important that you research so you can engage with the interviewer, ask questions and show you’ve done your homework.
What is the best thing about working for Bucks and Berks Recruitment?

The team I work with.  Most of us have worked here for a number of years (I’ve been here 11 years) and so we’ve become a really close knit team. In all the madness of recruitment, you have to have a laugh and get on with the people you work with otherwise it would be awful!
What do you do when you get home after work? 

Open a bottle of wine!
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