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Fighting an Uphill Battle: how to reduce staff churn

On22/ 07 /16
The Tour de France concluded in Paris this weekend with Britain, Chris Froome heading the Podium for an incredible third time.

However, it wasn't all plain sailing for the champion cyclist this year, with some dramatic falls and even a heroic run up the Mont Ventoux without a bike.

Like mountain stages on the Tour, managing staff churn in the workplace can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 

With intense competition for talent, staff are often targeted by competitors, whilst recruitment is expensive and time consuming.

So how can employers maintain a happy and fulfilled workforce and minimise staff churn? We bring you 5 essential tips.

1. Schedule Regular 1 to 1s.

It may sound like a cliché but communication is the number one priority here. It’s essential to keep an open dialogue with staff to discuss their progression, key challenges and any major concerns.

Often employers find out that staff aren’t happy that little bit too late. Scheduling a regular 1:1 is one way to help avoid this.

2. Regularly Review Salary and Benefits

Ensure that you regularly review staff salary and benefits, and keep a close eye on the market. Even your most loyal staff will be tempted elsewhere if their wage is not current.

When it comes to benefits, sometimes the simple things can make all the difference. But above all, make sure that your staff feel valued and supported. For help with shaping your benefits package, view our blog.

3. Support Staff Progression

It’s not just about salary; employees also want to feel that they are moving forward in their careers. As an employer, it’s in your interest to facilitate this.

Where possible, give your staff the opportunity to grow and develop. Look to give staff new responsibilities, organise regular training and continuously seek new ways to broaden their experience.

4. Offer Flexibility

These days, flexible working is more desirable than ever as employees try to achieve that elusive work-life balance. So offering some flexibility around working hours or locations can be a good way to encourage staff retention.

This doesn’t have to mean running a ‘virtual office’; it could just be allowing a small amount of flexi-time outside core working hours.

5. Offer an Inspiring Vision

Offering an inspiring vision for the company and its workforce is a key way to retain motivated employees.

Employees want to gain a sense of meaning and purpose from their work. They want to have a clear idea of where the company is going and to understand how they can contribute. So, inspire them with a clear and inclusive company mission.

6. Recruit The Right Staff

If you want staff to stay and contribute to the success of your organisation for the long term, it’s essential to hire the right people in the first place.

This means clearly defining the role and making sure the candidate is a true fit, both for the position and the company.

If you are looking to improve your staff retention, Bucks and Berks is here to help. Since 1922, our consultants have been helping business across the Thames Valley to find the right staff. To find out more, contact us today.
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