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Finding the perfect match

On14/ 02 /16

Dating & Job Hunting.

In case you missed it, it is Valentine's Day this weekend. Whether we like it or not our thoughts are turned to romance, and finding or going on that perfect date.

When you think about it both dating and job-hunting are pretty similar. They're both about trying to find that perfect match that will result in an on-going commitment. There is also the scary potential for rejection.

We all know that finding our ideal partner can take time and effort, like hunting down the perfect role. We have to put ourselves out there, being on LinkedIn (or POF) and not making any effort to connect with anyone is not going to work.

As we are not experts on dating we have just stuck to giving advice on how to get the most from your job search (with some tenuous romantic links!)

1. It's Not All About Looks

Looks aren’t everything! This is probably the one piece of dating advice we've all been given - and the same applies to job hunting. You may jump at the chance to work for a prestigious organisation but candidates beware! Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you actually look under the hood.

It's easy to be seduced by well-known brands but it's vital to get under the skin of a company and see what they're really like. Read mission statements; find out exactly what your contract will involve and what the culture is like. Make an informed decision to give yourself the best chance of thriving in your new role.

2. Narrow Down your Search

There's no point applying for every job that remotely fits your criteria. It would be like blanket messaging every singleton in the local area and hoping you have something in common (which never ends well)!

Narrowing down your preferences gives you the best possible chance of finding a suitable match and avoids wasted time on both sides. Try to be as precise and realistic as you can with your criteria. While maintaining an open mind to good opportunities that may be a first step in your quest for the perfect role!

3. Take Your Time

Let's be honest. Prince or Princess Charming probably won't appear on your first date just like your dream job may not follow your first interview. So rather than simply accepting the first job you're offered, it can help to take your time, think things through and decide if it's what you really want.

You may want to 'date' several companies at the same time by attending a variety of interviews. Whatever you do, make sure you don't rush into a commitment too quickly.

4. Don't Appear 'Desperate'

When it comes to dating, appearing 'desperate' is probably one of the quickest ways to make your date run a mile! Equally recruiters don't want you to beg for a job, they want to see you confidently present your case for the position. So try to keep it professional and where possible keep your emotions in check.

5. You Have To Be A Match

Job satisfaction comes from finding the right role at the right company but also being the right person for the job. So try to view each job objectively to see if it’s a match on both sides'.

If you have any reservations, or you’re just not sure the organisation is right for you, try to dig a little deeper. But don’t be frightened to move on and resume your search rather than accepting the wrong position. You want to give yourself the best possible chance to thrive in your new role.

So there we have it! Dating and job hunting may seem daunting but they can be fun and we see them as an opportunity to have something better. With a few techniques and some persistence, you may just find the role of your dreams.
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