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Finding Your Dream Job

On19/ 01 /17

Many of us don’t believe we can achieve our ideal role. We think we haven’t got the experience, believe we’ve gone too far down a career path, or simply don’t feel it‘s realistic.

According to research by Bing, three out of five people in the UK want to change their job but are held back by lack of money or skills. 

The truth is it’s possible to be what you want to be and find a job that inspires you, whatever your circumstances. 

We bring you some ideas to help you find a job that does more than just pay the bills.

1. Make a plan

“Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan” – Unknown

More often than not, there will be a way to move towards your ideal position; it’s just about identifying the steps. So spend some time brainstorming to get your ideas down on paper - you can then start to shape these into a plan.

2. Upgrade your skills

It’s important to keep working on you. This means identifying the skills you’ll need to secure your dream role, and systematically working to attain them.

Try to get hold of a job spec for your ideal role and dissect it. What qualifications and experience will you need and how can you go about getting them? Could you take up an internship or a period of work experience? You may need to start working on your new venture alongside your current role to ensure you can cover your bills.

And before you say it’s too late, consider that a 93-year-old man graduated from the Open University in 2013.

3. Don’t be afraid to change career 

Many of us stay stuck in a role that we don’t enjoy because we’re nervous about changing careers. However, sometimes a little upheaval will be necessary to get to where you want to go.

You may need to take a more junior position, but this won’t always be necessary. If you’ve been working in your current job or industry for a while, you’re likely to have a whole host of transferable skills that you can apply to a new role. 

4. Attitude is everything

Your current position may not be your dream job, but you need to treat it like it is and do the absolute best that you can.

If you’re known for doing an excellent job, it may open doors for you. The chances are that your positive attitude will be noticed by your boss and colleagues, and you should get a good reference when you move on.

5. Network, Network, Network

If you only focus on the roles that are advertised, you could be missing some great opportunities. A 2016 survey carried out by the Adler Group, revealed that over 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

Ideally, you need to connect with as many people as possible in your target industry. This obviously takes time so gradually start to seek out the influencers in the sphere and build up your network. You could start by commenting or asking questions on social media but always try to keep it useful.

6. Consult the experts

It can be hard to make a change in your career without the right advice and support. 

Recruiters aren’t just there to fill roles; they can also help guide you in your career.
They understand the challenges, and know all the tricks and tips that can help you to make that change and find your ideal role.

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