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How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace

On21/ 11 /18
Here it is – another day at work. You’re the one who does all the hard work, stays up after hours fighting to meet the deadlines, and yet, never get the gratitude due to you for your talent and hard work. Sounds familiar? 

Employee recognition knows no calendar – but with Thanksgiving around the corner, we highlight the importance of appreciation and its leverage on a happier, more productive workplace.  

Improved personal life

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. This is especially true for work environments because it confirms that more senior team members value the employees’ work and input towards the business, which significantly contributes towards a happier and more peaceful employee’s life.

After a long day at the office, many of us find ourselves taking out our stress on family and friends. If you feel appreciated, stress levels go down, which contributes to a happier and healthier situation at home.

Greater motivation = enhanced productivity

Had an enthusiastic and promising meeting with your boss the day before? Watch yourself waking up more energised the morning after. According to a study conducted by Greatify, an employee’s engagement after being recognised by a manager increases by 60%. That’s quite a lot, right? 

Now imagine the entire staff getting the acknowledgment they deserve. People want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution, which is proven to increase their work satisfaction levels and make them feel more motivated. 

Lower staff turnover 

Happy employees stay with their employer for longer. If you and your work colleagues feel recognised, it means that you are likely to stay in the company for longer. This is especially beneficial for building internal relationships and trust, which can also affect the business and the way it delivers.

When an employee leaves, the business can also experience an increased workload, which may result in stress and reduced workplace morale. Getting recognition is then essential to keeping everyone happy and satisfied, and keep the stress levels to a minimum. 

How to get recognised? 

With work recognition being a common job perk people seek, even the most promising leaders may not get the credit they’re hoping for. 

The truth is – if you want get the recognition at work, you need to work for it. 

First off – don’t be ashamed of claiming the credit. If you complete a difficult task or go above and beyond to make a special project successful, don’t be afraid of letting your superiors know and accepting the praise when it comes. Make sure that your boss is in the loop as, no matter how much you communicate, she/he might not always be aware of the ins and outs of every project you work on. You shouldn’t also rely on more senior members, who might be cheeky enough to claim your credit themselves – which can happen if you work in a highly competitive environment. 

And last but not least – make sure you recognise your peers as well. By spreading some words of appreciation for your colleagues, you’re working towards a trustworthy and healthy relationship, which can encourage them to take the same attitude towards you. 

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