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How Temps Can Boost Your Business

On18/ 05 /18

Many companies shy away from the idea of hiring temporary staff. But whether you need to hire someone short-notice, cover maternity leave, or deal with the demands of seasonality, there are many situations where temps could be just what you need.

So if you haven’t considered hiring temporary staff before and are wondering how they could help, here are 5 ways temps can boost your business.

how temps can boost your business

1. Short-notice hiring

If you need to hire staff quickly, temping is the way forward. Forget drawn-out interview processes or having to wait out long notice periods, a good temping recruitment agency will have a pool of workers ready to spring into action. If you need staff urgently for a new client or project, using temporary staff is a great way to scale up your workforce fast.

2. Effective cover

If you have an open position in your company or one of your staff is taking a sabbatical or going on maternity leave, temporary staff could be a great way to fill the gap. Hiring a temp while recruiting will take off the pressure to hire someone quickly, allowing you to take your time and shop around for the perfect fit for your organisation, as well as covering any long notice periods.

3. “Try before you buy”

A good interview process can be effective in finding the right fit for a role, however nothing can beat working with someone first-hand. Many companies will hire temporary staff, then offer permanent roles to those that they want to continue working with. This allows companies to see how potential employees perform on the job and how they gel with the rest of the team before offering them a permanent position.

4. Flexibility

Hiring temporary staff can allow organisations unrivalled flexibility. Many businesses will experience seasonal changes in demand, or sudden spikes depending on clients. Temps can be hired at short-notice to cover the business needs at the time, without the long-term commitment and cost of hiring permanent staff.

5. Fresh expertise

A new pair of eyes is always an asset, and temporary staff can be a great way of bringing additional expertise to your organisation. They can bring new skills to your company, including consultancy, project management, and strategic support.  New staff can also offer a fresh perspective on existing processes, suggest efficiencies, and bring in new ideas from companies they have worked for previously. 

Although using temporary staff may not be the first solution that comes to mind when it comes to expanding your workforce, it can bring the advantages of having a flexible pool of workers you can hire at short-notice, plus the potential to find someone who is a good fit for your business long-term.


At Bucks and Berks, we can help with recruiting temporary and interim staff in Wokingham, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor and Reading. Contact us today to find out more about how we can boost your business.


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