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How To Be More Efficient At Work

On16/ 05 /17

Most of us would like more hours in the day to get through our to do list, however, unfortunately we all get the same 24 hours. 

Despite this, business leaders, thinkers and time management experts have found some clever ways to improve efficiency and get more out of their working day.

We take a look at some of our favourites.

Schedule a 15-minute check-in with yourself

CEO and productivity guru Jessica Herrin recommends scheduling a 15-minute check-in with yourself first thing each morning to focus on your key priorities for the day.

This enables you to separate the essential from the non-essential, and identify the tasks that are most closely aligned with your business goals. Jessica promises that “this will be your most productive meeting of the day”.

Tackle your most difficult tasks first

According to productivity author Brian Tracey, you should identify your most difficult task and tackle it first. This means you can go through your day knowing that the worst is behind you.
Each day, there are likely to be a huge range of tasks vying for our attention. The temptation is to get the quick, easy jobs done first, however this means you’re procrastinating on those tricky but valuable jobs.
The satisfaction we gain from completing our most challenging task sets the tone for the rest of the day, allowing us to accomplish far more. So get started on that task you’ve been putting off first thing.

Stop Checking Your Emails

Emails can be an attention drain at the best of times. We’ve all been interrupted in the middle of a task, by an urgent sounding email that isn’t really urgent at all.

To prevent emails interrupting your day, Brian Tracey recommends scheduling dedicated time to read them and turning off those pesky notifications!

There is often a perception that emails need to be replied to straight away, however this is rarely necessary. Brian believes that most emails can be replied to within 24 hours.

Make sure all meetings are essential

Think how many times you’ve attended a meeting that wasn’t really necessary. Unless they’re well structured, meetings can often delay actionable work. 

Productivity trainer Maru Nevel Thomas believes we shouldn’t be afraid to decline unnecessary meetings. How can you tell which meetings you should turn down? When the organiser can’t give you a specific goal or objective for the session. 

Clearly some discretion is required here, however this is one way to claw back some valuable time in your calendar.

Avoid multi-tasking

According to neuroscientists, multitasking literally drains our energy reserves. We may feel productive when juggling projects, however more often than not we’re just busy.

Brian Tracey advocates working in blocks – that is dividing your day into chucks of time, each dedicated to a particular task. This allows you to give the task your full attention and make steady progress.

So by all means break a task up into a few sessions, but try to work consistently on one project at a time.

Give yourself time to recharge

Jessica Herrin recommends giving yourself plenty of time to recharge during the working day. This means taking regular breaks and taking the time to get outside, where possible.

You can view this as ‘charging your own batteries’, to ensure you have the energy to perform at your best.

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