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How to Handle an Assessment Day

On07/ 03 /18
Picture the scene – you’re half way through the application process for your dream job. Another call from your Recruitment Consultant and… you are invited to an assessment day. First rule … don’t panic. Read on to discover our tips for how to stand out at an assessment day:

It's time to prepare

Even if you thought you had already covered the generic questions about the company and its values in your initial interview, a firm and in-depth knowledge of the organisation you wish to work for is still crucial. 

An assessment centre day provides your potential employers with the perfect opportunity to evaluate how engaged and dedicated you really are. A good way to start is by revisiting the initial notes you made before your first interview and to swot up on what additional information you can. Knowing and understanding the company, it’s core values, client base, portfolio of work and key moments will not only stand you in good stead should you be asked what you know about the business or why you want to work for it, but it will be valuable in group exercises to have a solid background.  Spend some time conducting more advanced Google searches, checking the company’s social media profiles  and website, and even take a look at some of the LinkedIn profiles of employees.  

Relax and be yourself

In a situation when people are closely observing you, behaving in a natural way is easier said than done. This is a perfectly normal reaction, as trying hard to control our emotions and appearance under watchful eyes can often make us act unnaturally or uncomfortably.  

If you’re asked to participate in a group exercise, approach this enthusiastically and make an effort. After all, the reason you are there is so that your potential employer can get a sense of how you work individually and with others. Knuckling down to the task in hand will soon mean that you forget any nerves. 

It’s also wise to be aware of how you usually act in a group situation. Do you step forward to lead, or try to go unnoticed? If you know you can sometimes take a back seat, make a conscious effort to contribute and to get your opinion across. If you can be overbearing on the other hand, make sure you allow others to speak up. 

Get ready for an Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are designed to determine your ability and potential to perform certain tasks, and often play a significant role on assessment days. 

To ensure you put your best foot forward, have a look at some sample tests available online and have a go at completing them prior to your assessment. This will not only allow you to become familiar with the questions you might be asked during the assessment day, but will also let you to polish your skills and tackle the potential weaknesses. 

For our selection of helpful tips to prepare you for your interview and, ultimately, your dream job, visit our CV & Interviews Tips section or get in touch with one of Bucks and Berks recruitment consultants today! 
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