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How to Hatch an Eggcellent Career This Easter

On10/ 04 /19

A long Easter weekend is the perfect time to re-think your career plan and make some decisions about where you want to be in future.

The second quarter of the year is the busiest time for the job market, with many brilliant businesses looking for top talent to join their workforces, meaning that there’s even greater competition out there.

So whilst other potential candidates might be spending their weekend Easter egg-hunting, why not focus on the job hunt instead, and get ahead of the competition? Here is a list of things you can start doing this Easter to improve your CV and also your chances of landing a dream role!

Build a personal brand

Building your personal profile is more important than ever nowadays.

Conveying who you are and what you’re ‘all about’ professionally via a medium such as social media can be also invaluable when it comes to excelling in your career.

By building your professional image and perhaps, for example, sharing your views on current trends or developments in your industry, your social media connections and potential employers will eventually start perceiving you as an expert.  This could vastly improve your chances of getting noticed and hired for a top vacancy.  

How can you start doing this?  The answer is simple – by leveraging the tools you already have to hand.

LinkedIn, for example, is the strongest social media channel in existence for professional networking, and it should be something you can immediately start utilising in order to raise your professional profile. It is free, easy to use and allows you to reach large volumes of peers and potential future employers.

LinkedIn is also home to many communities that share similar interests to you. Joining one of the very many existing LinkedIn Groups is a great way of meeting new people and connecting with peers.

As LinkedIn is also heavily in use by in-house recruitment teams and recruitment consultants, the platform offers functionality that’s very relevant to job-seekers. For example, job-hunters have the ability to signal to recruiters that they are ‘open to new opportunities’ - this encourages recruiters to you more freely.

No need to worry though - setting your status in this way will  not be visible to anyone working in your present company!

To learn more about how you can develop and optimise your LinkedIn profile this Easter, read our 5 tips for sprucing up your LinkedIn profile.

Start a blog 

Another innovative idea to help maximise your chances of landing a top role is to start a professional online blog based on a personal area of interest over the Easter break. Turning your industry knowledge into chunks of useful content is a great way of showcasing your expertise, and can certainly help with building a professional profile online.

Examples of content could include guides or online resources. For instance, if you possess strong Excel skills, creating an “Excel guide for beginners” blog might go down well.

If you possess outstanding knowledge about presentations, posting a video on ”How to polish your presentation skills with less than 30 minutes a day” on your social media channels could help you with building your image as an expert, as well as growing a long-term follower base. Leveraging your personal social media profiles in this way can be also a way of landing a job or perhaps a speaker slot, as you may discover that some of your followers are more influential than you think!  

Having your own blog is especially worth doing if you happen to work in a creative industry such as design or marketing, as setting up a blog site can be quite low cost, but the ability to show off images, photos, portfolio work and so on means it can end up being a great way to show off your skills and experience. It’s also somewhere for recruiters to go when they’re researching as to whether you might be right for their role.

In general, having your own blog can also make a great difference to your online footprint. According to a Career Builder survey, 50% of hiring managers during the recruitment process will assess whether the candidate has a professional online persona, which frequently includes looking up information about them via search engines like Google. And while the search engine indexes some basic data including your social media handles, it also contains the traces of your professional activity such as industry sites you have contributed content to.

Research the companies you like 

If you have been keeping an eye on certain companies for a long time, now is the time to do some in-depth research on the organisations you admire, and explore whether there are any potential job opportunities there.

Many big corporations like to fill vacant positions internally and through recommendations, so it might be worth carrying out a little research on a platform like LinkedIn - where you can connect with their existing employees. 

You should also obviously visit the companies’ websites, particularly to their “Career” sections, where they tend to advertise the job roles they have available. To make sure that you are ahead of your recruitment game, make a list of the organisations you are interested in, and put together the titles of jobs available along with the level of expertise required.

Next, cross-reference those skills with yours and see which ones you think might be weaker for you. For example, you might find out that your writing skills need extra attention, so how about finally grabbing that copywriting book from your shelf you didn’t have time to read yet, and giving it a go during your Easter break?

Are you looking for professional help with finding your next role? Contact our recruitment team today, and let us place you with top companies recruiting in Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham, Maidenhead and Windsor areas!

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