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How to Motivate Your Team

On05/ 06 /17

Motivated employees are crucial to the success of any organisation. However there will be ups and downs in any industry, so how do you keep staff motivated despite internal and external pressures?

The key is to foster resilience by promoting a culture of opportunity and fairness.

Here is our list of tips to help you maintain a motivated, happy team.

Remunerate fairly

Many of us would say that job satisfaction is more important than salary. Despite this, research has shown that a salary increase is one of the most common reasons for staff moving on.

In all but rare cases, employees keep an eye on the market. They will be aware if they are being paid under market rate and can soon start to feel under-valued. This can result in you losing your best staff, causing disruption and expense.

Salary may not be the be all and end all for everyone, however ensuring you pay your staff in-line with salaries for the industry and area will help prevent feelings of dissatisfaction creeping in.

Offer opportunities for self-development

Investing in the development of your staff is key for a number of reasons. Firstly, It will make your team members more effective and valuable to the organisation.

Secondly, it will help keep them interested in their day to day and their career progression. Nobody wants to feel like they are standing still, so offer staff the opportunity to progress and watch them flourish.

Set Clear goals

It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t know where you’re going so set clear objectives to help focus your team. 

This allows team members to understand what is expected of them and prevents frustrations and wasted effort.

Make People Feel Appreciated

There is nothing more demotivating than putting effort in when it’s not noticed, so wherever possible make your team feel appreciated.

This means acknowledging effort or a task well done - even small steps forward are progress. Do this and your team will be inspired to progress.

Ask for their input

Encourage all members of your team to contribute. Ask them what they think could be done better or approached from a different angle. 

Once you’ve asked for their input, actively listen to their responses and wherever practical implement their suggestions.

Don’t punish failure

We’re all human and therefore we all make mistakes, however mistakes can present a great opportunity to improve.

So instead of coming down heavily on your team when they slip up, encourage them to extract the lesson and then try a new approach.

Don’t micromanage

If you micromanage your team, you’ll won’t give them the chance to grow. Over-managing often creates frustration and resentment. 

Conversely, giving your team autonomy will help foster creativity and allow them to develop their skill-set.

If you are looking to grow your team get in touch with the team at Bucks and Berks. Our consultants have years of experience in sourcing the right candidates for organisations across the Thames Valley.
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