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How to Stay Professional During Office Fun

On30/ 11 /16
Christmas is almost here and the office party season is upon us.

The Christmas party is a time to celebrate the successes of the last year and build relationships with colleagues in a social setting. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime opportunity to get a little carried away. 

Most of us can recall stories or occasions when boundaries have most definitely been crossed.

With this in mind, we bring you some advice to help you enjoy the festive fun, whilst keeping things professional.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Alcohol is to blame for many an office party blunder. It can certainly be tempting to keep refilling your glass, particularly if you’re shy in social situations. However, the consequences are rarely worth it.

There are few things worse than waking up after the office party with a splitting headache, and that sinking feeling that you’ve embarrassed yourself. You look at your phone to see a stream of messages from worried colleagues and wonder what on earth happened.

This is one occasion when we should really take note of the advice our parents gave us. Pace yourself, drink water and make sure you eat. This should also help avoid those moments of liquid courage, or general rowdiness that can undo all the good work of the last year.

Fashion – Yes Beach Party – No!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, however this is probably not the time to wear that dress cut to the navel, or to dig out your bikini (unless it really is a beach themed party). 

A good rule of thumb is to think about what you would wear to meet a client for an evening event. If your outfit wouldn’t be appropriate, it’s unlikely to work at the office party either - after all, this is still a business function. And remember this applies to men too!

Attend the Party if You Can

It’s easy to forget the time, attention and budget that goes into organising an office party. If you don’t make the effort to attend without a valid reason, it can make you seem unappreciative.

Remember that parties offer a great opportunity for relationship building with your team and co-workers. So even if you’re not that keen on social events, try to make the effort. It’s only a few hours in the year after all.

Don’t Gossip or Be Negative

At the office party, It pays to stick to the dinner party etiquette of old – don’t discuss politics, sex or religion. But perhaps most importantly, don’t gossip or talk negatively about colleagues.

Complaining, or criticising colleagues doesn’t help anyone – it will simply reflect badly on you and bring the mood down.

Don’t Flirt 

The office party should be a fun occasion for everyone. To keep it that way, remember that openly flirting with co-workers or their partners is unacceptable.

Drinking too much alcohol can easily impair your judgement here - so try to keep your drinking under control.

Plan Ahead

It never hurts to be organised at the Christmas party. Find out what time the party ends and order a cab in advance. Even if you don’t feel like leaving, this should prevent you overstaying your welcome and leave your reputation intact for another day.
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