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Interview Questions – What is Your Dream Job?

On14/ 03 /18
When it comes to frequently asked interview questions, “tell me about your dream job” is one of the trickiest. If you’re being interviewed for a position that fulfils all of your career expectations, that’s great – showing true enthusiasm will only increase your chances of landing the job. In reality however, the chances of finding and interviewing for a role which is practically perfect in every way is incredibly difficult, and you may find yourself having to express enthusiasm over certain elements of the role which don’t necessarily play to all of your strengths. 

Why have I been asked this question?

According to research, 85% of workers worldwide admit to disliking their jobs some of the time and claim that work is often more of a source of frustration than fulfilment. If you happen to be a one of the 85%, that’s ok. We all go through peaks and troughs of enjoyment in the workplace. When you’re asked this question in an interview, the recruiter’s intention is a) to discover if you have the necessary skills to carry out the role efficiently and b) to understand your values, motivations and aspirations. 

How should I respond? 

Discuss your skills

Instead of focussing on a specific role or job title, discuss the kinds of responsibilities you’d like to cover in your role and the skills you enjoy using the most. Highlighting to a potential employer that you’d like a role where you could continue to hone in on a specific skill is going to tell them a lot more about you than reciting a job title. 

Discuss your interests

Think about your existing skills and think how you could develop them in order to progress within the role you’ve applied for. You might be aware that you don’t tick all of the boxes on the job description, but expressing a willingness to learn and to develop your skills will signal to the employer that you’re interested in growth and progression. 

Discuss the working culture your looking for

Tie things up by discussing what kind of company culture you’re looking for. Assuming your values reflect that of the company you’re interviewing at, it will add some depth to your answer and will help the employer to understand what motivates you. Consider the ‘cons’ of your current role and ‘turn them around’ to get the answer, i.e. if you’re now working in a stand-alone role, you might want to focus on aiming to work as a part of the team.

What to avoid

If you consider the role you’re interviewing for as more of a short-term position and it doesn’t necessarily suit your long-term career strategy, then don’t mention this during the recruitment process. This is especially true when it comes to any positions that require a long-term commitment, for example if the company is looking to invest in your growth and professional development on a Graduate/Trainee level.  

It is also key to demonstrate that you are focussed and enthusiastic for the role – not that you see it as a stepping stone to another career, so avoid mentioning your burning desire to migrate from an accountant to marketing co-ordinator, if it’s an accounting role you are interviewing for. Personal development and reaching your dreams is crucial, but try to stay realistic in your expectations and make sure the values you present yourself with are relevant to the position you’re being interviewed for. 

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