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Interview with a Temp: Bethany Ive

On12/ 10 /17
Why do some candidates prefer temporary roles to permanent roles? What are the pros and cons of temping?

At Bucks & Berks Recruitment, we wanted to get some insights into the life of a temp. We interviewed Bethany Ive, one of our regular temps over the past few months, to get some inside information about the working life of a temp. 

How long have you been temping for Bucks and Berks Recruitment? 

I have been with Bucks and Berks since March 2017.

Why does working in a temporary position work for you?

Working in a temporary position works perfectly for me as I have other aspirations in a dance career which is known to be none guaranteed so working temporary jobs ties me over until my next dance job.   

What are the perks of temping?

I can choose what style of work I want to work in and can also turn down work if it doesn’t suit me. I can also get a range of working in different areas of a company. It means I get to meet a lot of different people which improves people skills and adapting to different environments.

What are the challenges of temping?

When the work opportunities are fewer you can go through stages of not having so much work lined up.

What is a typical first day like in a new temporary assignment?

Usually you will go in for some training beforehand to get to know the company and what is required of you. It also gives you an insight on how the other people in the company work on a day to day basis. 

How have you found the guidance and support from client companies during your assignments?

I have found them very welcoming and helpful. They are very patient for any questions I may have and there is always someone I can talk to along the way when getting used to the company.

Are you able to get regular temp work? 

I have been very happy with the amount of temp work I have been given. I have also found myself returning to previous places which is good as I already know how the company works.

What is important to you when looking for an agency to temp through? 

I think you need to know that they are reliable and friendly and are keeping your best interests in mind. I also think it’s important to have a good working relationship with them as they are the middle man in getting you jobs so regular communication is always good.

For more information on temporary roles, get in touch with our friendly team or browse our latest temp vacancies.
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