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Is an ‘interim’ position the right choice for me?

On08/ 08 /19

If you’ve always worked in permanent roles, you may wonder why you’d ever want to consider interim or temporary contract positions. After all, the prospect of taking a permanent position can give many a sense of extra ‘stability’ and ‘security’.

Interim work can bring many benefits and upsides with it too, though admittedly it may not be for everyone.

So how do you find out more about whether this option might be right for you in future?

We’ll take you through some of the skills and attributes needed to work interim roles and describe some of the realities of ‘interim life’, to help you decide!

#1. You’ll be someone who is adaptable and flexible

Whilst a great many permanent roles will offer set working hours and a fairly ‘rigid’ job description, interim jobs can mean varying hours and job responsibilities - depending on the exact needs of the client.

It means that one of the most critical aspects of interim contracting is the ability to hit the ground running with new challenges and projects, be agile in how you work, and quickly pick up new tasks, protocols and processes without the need for much of a ‘settling in’ period.

This can be a challenge for some people, as it can feel unsettling when you’re changing roles on a far more frequent basis compared to being ‘permanent’. For others, it can end up offering a better work/life balance than a permanent role would.

#2. You’ll need to have some experience under your belt

Interim workers are typically those who have worked in their field for a decade or more - and quite often with specialist knowledge and experience of a particular sector or industry. They may even have had some board-level experience from previous roles too.

If these factors seem to fit with your own career history, then it might be that you’d be a good fit for succeeding in an interim role.

#3. You have a ‘can do’ attitude towards work

As well as the ability to be flexible and hit the ground running in every new job or project you take on, you’ll also need some strong personal attributes in order to truly succeed in your interim placements.

These attributes include:

  • Possessing a general enthusiasm and willingness to roll your sleeves up and get ‘stuck in’
  • Having excellent communication skills, as you’ll be expected to work with different departments, and most likely across all levels in the organisational hierarchy
  • Having a problem-solving mentality
  • Being naturally predisposed towards being tenacious and persistent!

#4. You thrive under pressure

The trade-off for the potential perks of interim working is that the nature of the jobs themselves can be more pressurised. This is because they’re commonly positions that have been put in place due to a pressing business or organisational need that needs solving sooner rather than later!

It means that the ability to be resilient is very important - otherwise the level of pressure could quickly become a negative factor and affect overall job performance. But an interim professional will relish this pressure and will be confident and comfortable enough to get straight into working with new teams and tackling the tasks in hand, head-on.

So, does it sound like interim might be right for you?

Working in this way can sometimes lead to you entering a more exciting time in your career, and the generally faster pace can mean you’re making a positive impact on the businesses you’re working for in a far shorter period. 

Because interim contractors are usually very experienced and highly-skilled professionals, this can often mean more competitive rates of pay are on offer too…

At Bucks and Berks, we are constantly recruiting for interim positions in the Wokingham, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor and Reading areas. Take a look at our current vacancies for more information.

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