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Job Hunting With a Difference

On17/ 10 /18
According to TopResume, 80% of jobs are not posted online, so you might need to do more than just scour the online job boards to secure your dream role.  

One thing is certain - thinking outside the box can speed up your job search process and help you land a dream role quicker. Need some inspiration? See below for our tips on how to take your job hunt to the next level. 

CV Presentation 

Tired of applying for jobs and hearing nothing but silence? Forget your plain, one-page resume and think CV presentation.

Creating a CV presentation can work miracles for employees of all industries, but can particularly help those people whose professions involve creativity. By designing and putting together an impressive and dynamic document, you will be able to showcase your proactive approach, demonstrate ‘thinking outside the box’ skills and prove creativity. The ideal presentation should include your professional resume, a cover letter, short examples of your written skills, clients/campaigns you’ve been working on and the results you’ve achieved. 

The CV presentation folder can also save you time. Instead of going back and forth with the recruiter about your CV, resume letter or examples of your work, you can easily combine all documents into one file and either print it out or email to the right person.  

Industry Events

Another great way to get recognition and make contacts is by attending industry seminars and conferences. 

This will not only provide a fantastic opportunity to meet the most influential personalities in your field, but will also mean you get your hands on the expert knowledge which could prove invaluable for your future career. 

There are discounted and even free passes to choose from, and you can find them on sites such as Eventbrite. Want to earn additional points? Take a few copies of your beautifully prepared CV presentation with you and hand them out to potential employers!

Start a Blog

Whatever role you might be searching for, setting up a free blog is a great way to share your expertise. 

At the end of the day, your potential employer will know very little about your skills and experience , so a blog will provide a flavour of your views and knowledge and is a great way to show passion and gain trust. 

Start by finding a unique domain (preferably your name so it can be instantly recognised) and publish a few posts featuring your tips, observations and advice. Remember to stay professional when sharing your views, and make sure that you avoid sharing opinions that can be perceived as harmful or offensive. 

Don’t also forget about responding to all the comments in a respectful manner – showing that you can easily handle criticism and feedback will definitely add bonus points to your job application and will raise your chances of landing the job you want. 

Advertise Yourself

One of the most creative job-hunting strategies of all times was used by Alec Brownstein, a creative copywriter who had decided to set up the Google Job Experiment to put himself in front of five creative directors. 

As he knew that everyone liked to Google their own name every once in a while, he created a few Google ads which he had used to bid against potential employers names. 

"Hey, [creative director's name]: Goooogling [sic] yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too!" 

With a fun yet intriguing copy featuring a link to Brownstein's website, the copywriter eventually landed himself a dream job for just $6. 

Outreach Directly

As some people might find waiting for their dream role to appear online frustrating, it’s time to take a first step and outreach to the companies you love directly. 

While sending a general email to a company’s secretary might seem like a good idea, you should bear in mind that it could get lost somewhere in their Junk folder. 

Instead, spend your time researching the contact details for the most relevant people in the company and try reaching out to them directly. 

Don’t forget about writing a killer outreach email, too. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make it short and memorable!

Looking for more hints and tips to help you along your recruitment journey? Read our CV & Interview tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd.
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