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Jobs in Demand for 2019 – Our Predictions

On28/ 12 /18

As an employer, you are probably moving into the new year with your growth forecasts in place. Part of your company’s strategy for achieving that growth will depend significantly on the people you employ. This is the case - year in, year out. 

In the current marketplace candidate is king and we are finding that good people don’t hang around.  We move fast when we find strong candidates to match them to the right organisation and role, before another company snaps them up.  This can be an even bigger challenge when the role itself is in high demand.  It is more important than ever with these roles that our clients get back to us as soon as possible so they don’t miss out on a great employee.

Using our current knowledge of the roles we are seeing coming through and our experience of 95+ years in the industry Bucks and Berks Recruitment share our predictions for 2019’s most highly sought-after roles… 

Roles in Human Resources (HR)

In short, HR roles are becoming less ‘transactional’ and more strategic in nature. 

It’s becoming increasingly common for business as usual admin tasks to be outsourced and processed externally, ‘making way’ for HR professionals to work on and implement other tasks which are perceived to hold more value and ROI for their employer.  A strong HR team also allows businesses to respond quickly to potential new recruits and grow their business with the best possible people.

HR are increasingly responsible for administrating and embedding ever-more sophisticated software for their population of employees. For example, HR may ‘own’ platforms associated with e-learning, employee benefits, and self-service holiday requests / absence recording.

Specialist, ‘hands-on’ experience of these types of HR software is attractive to employers - particularly software based in the Cloud (which doesn’t need as much internal IT support). 

Sales Administrators / Sales Account Managers

Salespeople in general are always in demand, and as we head into 2019, the popularity of this role type doesn’t show any signs of letting up. 

Bucks and Berks believe that an increase in demand will be partly driven by the continuing advancements in the technology sales market. For example, there’s an increasing pressure on firms to keep their IT infrastructure and capabilities fit-for-purpose and secure. This means that the need for people to manage and administer sales accounts for software products linked to cyber security, ecommerce and information security will continue to grow. 

It goes without saying then, that prospective employers will find candidates with specialist knowledge of these kinds of industries particularly attractive. There may even be a bigger ‘war of talent’ next year, as a result.

Executive Assistants (EA)

EA roles are on the increase; even within smaller firms and organisations where a busy board can mean there are a great many complex tasks to be organised and worked through. As a recruitment agency, we have already seen an increase in demand for these roles over 2018  - and we don’t expect this to tail off next year.

An EA must be able to multi-task, adapt quickly to ever-changing internal developments and be able to carry out a broad range of tasks.  This is another role, just as the two we’ve already covered above, where only an actual person (and not a robot) could really fulfil the role fully. 

We anticipate that, with the explosion of start-ups and small businesses in the UK generally (680,000 were set up last year alone), an EA to help organise Managing Directors, CEOs and other board members will be more requested than ever by our clients. 

In summary, in the UK - and indeed the Thames Valley - the world of work is continuing to transform. Whilst we hear a lot about the impact of automation and the evolution of robotics, for many of the professionals that we deal with, this is fuelling greater demand for niche skills and the ability to deal with people brilliantly. 

If you need professional help with filling temporary roles, contact us today. Here at Bucks & Berks, we provide you with top local talent in Wokingham, Bracknell, Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and Reading areas!

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