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Managing Relationships With Your Team

On13/ 02 /17
With Valentines day around the corner our thoughts inevitably turn to relationships.

Those of us who work standard hours spend the majority of our time with colleagues; so maintaining good working relationships is crucial. 

For managers, this is no exception. Good professional relationships allow us to focus time and energy on our most valuable actions and focus on driving the business forward. They also help us to create a happy and productive team.

We explore some easy ways to improve relationships with your employees.

1. Be Positive

Many of us are guilty of negativity from time to time. This can often be provoked by stress or frustration. However, being conscious of these negative moments can help you to try and be more positive in your day-to-day work life.

Having a positive demeanour can directly impact the quality of your relationships with your team for the better. So whatever problems you come across, try to adopt a ‘glass half full’ attitude.

2. Show Empathy

As a manager, your behaviour will have a direct impact on how your employees feel.
If you are un-empathetic, your employees may feel negative and resentful.

So take the time to understand your team member’s problems and offer solutions if you can. Even if an immediate resolution isn’t possible, they will appreciate you giving the issue your full attention.

3. Take Responsibility

In order to foster good relationships with your team, you will need to take responsibility for your words and actions. 

This means paying attention to what you say, and not letting your emotions impact the people around you. So, focus on remaining calm and composed and keeping your emotions in check.

4. Respect Your Team

Managers should respect team members and their diverse opinions. This means not only listening to what they have to say, but also actively encouraging debate.

So make a conscious effort to listen to your employees. This is often one of the best ways to generate new ideas. 

5. Appreciate Good Work

When managers show their appreciation for good work, their team members will feel valued and be encouraged to keep improving.

When you put yourself in your employee’s shoes, there are few things worse than feeling underappreciated when you have invested time and effort.

6. Avoid Gossip

The golden rule is DON’T engage in gossip in the workplace. This will not only damage your credibility as a manager, but will also negatively impact relationships with your team.

7. Be Fair

Try to be as fair as you possibly can. Weigh up any decisions carefully, and try to consider things from all perspectives. 

Having clear processes in place will help here, and try to be as transparent as possible on how you’ve reached your decision.
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