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New Year Career Boost

On14/ 01 /16
With the start of a New Year many of us feel the pressure to turn over a new leaf and re-evaluate what we are doing and set personal goals for the year ahead. All too often the running, dieting or dry January doesn’t last more than a few weeks. Perhaps it is time to make changes we can keep and set goals at work that you can achieve in the coming year. Whether you are looking to progress internally or want to find your next step with another company doing this will help.

Start simply, with our 5 top tips that will boost your career in 2016:

1.Review Your Achievements

First of all, draw up a list of all your accomplishments both big and small in the last year. Include any positive feedback, appraisals, and figures that reflect your contribution to the company.

Remember that things we often consider to be ‘just part of the job’ are also important. So, if you completed all your projects in time, add it to your list!

2. Update your CV and online profiles

It can be helpful to keep you CV and online profiles up-to-date, even when you aren’t actively job seeking.

Maintaining a current LinkedIn profile looks professional and shows that your career is important to you. It is also the first place head-hunters will look when seeking to make new hires. So make sure you update your profile to keep yourself in the frame.

Finally, keeping your CV and profiles updated will allow you to react quickly if a perfect opportunity comes along.

3. Study your Subject

Try to dedicate some time each week as ‘a student’ of your industry. Identify key areas where you would like to develop your knowledge and focus on these.

Create a reading list of business books that will stretch your thinking and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Next, investigate conferences, training and events for the year ahead. Your employer may even be prepared to cover the cost of some of these.

Remember, knowledge is rarely wasted and investing in yourself is one of the quickest ways to progress in your career.

4. Re-evaluate

Next, take a look at your current work practices to see if they can be improved.

Do you need to de-clutter and organise your files or perhaps you need to re-organise your calendar or zero out your inbox?

Try to identify a few key ways to increase your productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Keep asking yourself, “Can this be done better and if so how?”

By being honest with yourself, and identifying areas to work on, you should see improvements in your overall work performance. This could be a significant factor in your overall career progression.

5. Look Up

Finally examine the job description for the position above your own, and identify the skills or experience you will need to perform that job.

Whether a long or short-term goal, this will allow you to start filling in the gaps in your experience and acquire the skills or qualifications required to move up the ladder.

If you are looking to give your career a New Year boost, why not get in touch with Bucks and Berks? Upload your CV or contact us to speak to a member of our experienced team today. We can help with securing your new role in the Thames Valley area including Wokingham, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead and Reading.
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