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New Year Career Reflections

On19/ 12 /16
As the New Year approaches, it's time to reflect on the successes and lessons of the past year and to set new goals for the year ahead.

December is the perfect time to pause and evaluate your career path to date. As Steven Covey famously said “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster”.

Here are 7 tips to help you track your progress and supercharge your career in 2017.

1. Evaluate What Went Well

First of all, start by focusing on the positives. How have you grown and progressed over the last year. What were the best moments?

Once you have your list, look a little deeper to see if you can find any common themes. Did your successes come in areas you were passionate about? What was it that made the projects a success? Pinpoint the answers, and you will be half way to starting 2017 on the right track.

2. Identify the Lessons

Next, take a look at the lessons. What didn’t go to plan and why? What weaknesses did you show over the last year and how could you work to develop these? 

As a final question, what would you change if you were facing 2016 all over again?

Remember to be honest - to achieve success you need to be willing to recognise and learn from your mistakes.

3. Identify 3 Key Objectives for the New Year

The New Year may be the time for resolutions. However, we often make a long list of goals and then get demoralised when we fail to achieve them.

Instead, focus on just 3 key objectives and identify the sub goals or stepping-stones that you need to achieve them. These might be gaining management experience, improving efficiency, and gaining a new qualification. 

The key is to be highly focused and ensure these fit with the overall vision you have for your career.

4. Expand your Comfort Zone

Identify at least one action that you can take to expand your comfort zone in the coming year. 

You may be nervous but it's time to take the bull by the horns and try something new. If you only do what you're comfortable with, you won't allow yourself to grow.

5. Brush up on Essential Skills

Always be on the look out for new opportunities to learn. This could be reading the latest industry press or brushing up on essential skills.

Perhaps you use Excel in your daily work? Think how much time you could save by learning some new shortcuts. New skills will also add to your value as a team member. 

6. Update your Social Profiles

When was the last time you gave your social profiles some attention? This is the first place prospective employers look for candidates. Even if you aren't actively looking for a new role, make sure that your profiles do you justice.

When you update your LinkedIn profile, you can also choose to notify your network. This can help to put you front of mind when it comes to new opportunities.

7. Attend a Class or Conference 

Finally, attend a class or conference in an area that you would like to know more about. This will diversify your skills, equip you with a barrel load of ideas and offer you a new perspective. 

If you are looking to develop your career in 2017, contact a member of the Bucks and Berks Team today. We can help you find the right role to achieve your goals.
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