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New Year New Job – How to Tackle Your New Year Job Search

On06/ 01 /17
2016 is now over, and many of us will be seeking a new role this New Year.

Research by Indeed reveals a huge surge in job searches in early January each year, with around 30% of us considering a new position.

But, how can we ensure that a new job doesn’t just fester on our list of resolutions? It’s time to tackle your New Year job search.

 1. Get your CV ready

Firstly, dust off your CV and get it into shape. Many of us don’t keep our CVs updated so this may require some dedicated time. 

Your CV shouldn’t just be a chronological list of what you’ve done – it needs to actively sell your skills. For some useful tips on preparing your CV, see our dedicated CV and interview section.

2. Pinpoint your ideal role

Next, get clear on what your ideal role would look like. Include your absolute must haves and complete no’s. 

You need to be able to communicate what you want to your network, and any hiring managers succinctly. You also want to be able to recognise the ideal opportunity when it comes along.

3. Get in touch with Recruiters

Once you are clear on exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch with a recruiter.
They’ll be able to tell you if they have any roles that fit your criteria and advise you on companies hiring cycles, current market rates and more.

4. Set Yourself Goals

Your job search will require action so give yourself goals just like you would in other aspects of your life. These could be daily or weekly goals, applying for a certain number of roles or getting in touch with contacts.

Try to measure your progress not by how quickly your get a job but by the action that you consistently take towards finding your new role and any small wins. This will help you to keep up your motivation levels, throughout your job search.

5. Use Social Media

These days, a huge number of roles are shared on social media so make sure you follow the accounts of companies you are interested in, as well as recruiter accounts in your sector.

Twitter is the ideal place to find out about new opportunities. You can even create a custom recruitment list to see all your job posts in one place. Just select lists from the drop down menu under your profile and settings.

6. Perfect your pitch

When you reach the interview stage, you need to perfect your 30 second pitch. Your pitch should express what you’ve done, your key strengths and what you’re looking for. If you’ve already done step 2, you should be clear at least on the last point. Then practice your pitch until it’s perfect and rolls easily off the tongue.

If you’re considering a job move in 2017, why not get in touch with Bucks and Bucks. Our experienced team can help you find your ideal New Year role.

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