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New Year, New Recruiting Strategy

On08/ 01 /18

As you galvanize yourself into kick starting your new year at work, you may well be assessing your workforce needs and thinking about how to attract the best people in an increasingly competitive market.

Good candidates are valuable and hard to come by, whatever the economic climate. So here are our top tips on how to kick start your New Year recruitment strategy:

  • What does talent look like? – Recruiting for talent should be a year-round activity – so after your major talent recruitment push in the new year, get together with business leads to define what talent your organisation’s strategies and performance goals will depend upon for the rest of the year.
  • Refine your job descriptions – The success of your New Year recruitment campaign depends on having detailed and well written job descriptions that clearly define your needs, the role, the qualities of the people required – and salaries.
  • Evaluate your routes to market – What’s the most time efficient way to reach your candidate audience? Do you really have time to handle everything in house – including that initial CV rush?
  • What’s the attraction? - Smart companies form relationships with candidates from the point of attraction and beyond. Think about the candidate journey and its touchpoints with your brand.
  • Check your online image – Candidates research prospective employers the same way they research buying consumer goods online. Which means they’ll probably visit your website and blog, your LinkedIn company page – and may even checkout Glassdoor reviews.

Recruiting the right candidate in as little time as possible is the ultimate goal for any business, but with time constraints and a lack of internal experience, doing so in-house can be incredibly challenging. If you’re looking to recruit high-calibre candidates quickly and efficiently, get in touch with Bucks and Berks today to find out how we can help to handle your recruitment needs.

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