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Setting Out Your Work Goals for the New Year

On24/ 01 /18
January is the perfect time for new beginnings. It marks a time for change, and a time for setting fresh goals. Have you resolved to cut out alcohol or to write a novel? Great! Now it’s time to set some achievable career goals for 2018.  

Plan achievable things

The most frustrating thing about New Year’s resolutions is that we often feel rather enthusiastic while setting them, and as such, end up with a list of unachievable tasks which we quickly give-up on. Getting promoted from Admin Assistant to CEO for example, while not impossible, would certainly be very challenging. 

A good way to start with is by introducing a realistic plan. Think about the skills you want to grow this year to progress in your existing role. For example, undertaking some additional training or developing these five skills will not only raise your value within your current role, but will also add another string to your bow.

Turn your resolutions into habits 

If you’ve promised yourself that you’ll spend half of your lunch catching up on industry insights rather than scrolling through Instagram, don’t ignore your resolution. By spending time on new tasks each day, even if only five minutes, this will eventually become a habit that you can build on over time. 

Don’t push yourself

When talking about goals, we picture ourselves working hard towards the agreed outcome in a specified timeframe. In reality, setting goals that require very tight deadlines can often be a source of unnecessary stress and can even result in loss of motivation.

Spend some time evaluating what you are able to achieve without pushing yourself beyond the limits and don’t forget to maintain a healthy work/life balance to keep you going. 

Measure your progress 

To keep yourself on the track, try to make the regular measurements of the progress you’ve made and reward yourself for achievements. This will not only fuel your energy to do more, but will also allow you to identify weaknesses and recognise strengths. 

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