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The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

On28/ 02 /18
We all come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and, most importantly, possess individual skills that make us unique.

This is especially true of many modern businesses, which in an era of economic globalisation are taking steps to achieve workplace diversity and equality. Here, at Buck and Berks, we explore how both employees and businesses can benefit from diversity in the workplace. 

Improved employee performance 

Placing employees who possess a variety skills is a great way of boosting motivation and promotes the exchange of ideas enabling employees to progress personally and professionally. 

For example, a colleague who sits next to you might have better organisational skills than you do, so don’t be afraid and ask for his/her advice on improving your time management. By doing so, you’ll not only learn how to be more efficient, but you will also give your colleague an opportunity to learn from you.   

Enhanced creativity 

Creativity in the workplace is vital and thanks to bringing together employees with different qualifications, backgrounds and experiences, you can create your very own ‘dream team’ of creative problem solvers. 

Greater revenue

A study conducted by McKinsey organisation has revealed that the companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially thanks to ability to win top talents and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making. 

In fact, a great example of diversity boosting revenue is hiring bilingual employees who can earn 10% more revenue comparing to monolingual staff thanks to their ability to communicate with foreign clients and enabling a company to work on a global basis. 

Growing talent pool

Did you know that a company which embraces diversity attracts a wider range of candidates to their vacancies? Keeping the door open for individuals of all backgrounds will not only promotes your business in a good light, but will also help with employee retention as people are willing to work and stay for longer in an organisation that promotes equality. 

Learn about more benefits of a talent pool here. 

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