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The Benefits of Buying from an Established Business

On06/ 09 /18
When it comes to starting a business partnership or choosing trustworthy suppliers, many decision makers face the same challenge of deciding whether to work with a new or an established business. 

As both start-ups and long-standing enterprises are essential to the progressive improvements and growths with each of them providing different strengths, opportunities, and purposes, not every business can take the risk of working with a young company, especially if a big budget is involved.    

Bucks and Berks is a long established recruitment agency in the Thames Valley, and our team understand the importance of choosing the supplier you can trust. In this article, we reveal some of the benefits you should take into account when selecting your next business partner.  

Proven expertise 

Whenever you are looking for IT support to replace your IT system or a recruitment agency to help you fill the ongoing roles, choosing a reliable company with proven industry expertise is essential. 

First off, established businesses are able to offer a strong portfolio of products or services that have been tested by generations of users and are proven to work. This is very important, especially when it comes to handling large projects where there is no room for error. 

By choosing an established partner, you will receive a team of experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years and can help you to reach targets sooner. 

Reduced risk 

With many well-established businesses having been on the market for some time, their rich history is a perfect example of being proactive to any market fluctuations that could negatively affect their business. 

This is something you should be aware of, mainly if you are overseeing a big-budget assignment, as those companies are more than capable of predicting any risks or issues that might appear along the way.  

Established workflow

With the majority of established businesses continuously performing the same tasks every day, there is a greater chance that they will have a tried and tested way of working. 

By choosing an established partner for your next project, you benefit from a well-maintained process that streamlines and automates repeatable business tasks while reducing the risk of errors and increasing overall efficiency. 

This is very important, especially if you are seeking ongoing support and expert advice.  


Reliability should be another key consideration for choosing suppliers. If you select an established supplier, they are more likely to have suitable resources and systems in place and the ability to upscale if required. 

Moreover, established suppliers are more flexible with meeting tight deadlines and performing ad-hoc tasks that are vital to successful project management.   

Financial security

The final thing you should look for in a supplier is financial security. It’s always worth making sure your supplier has a sufficiently strong cash flow to deliver what you want, risk-free. 

When it comes to new businesses, not every company at the start of their activity is financially stable. This is perfectly normal, but, if you’re looking for a safe partnership, then you should again consider working with an established business that has a firm financial status. 

How to recognise a reputable business

Purchasing goods or services could put your business at risk if you don’t take precautions when choosing suppliers. We are talking about dishonest companies and fraudsters pretending to be a trusted business, who will seek a way to get paid without providing the service or product. 

Luckily, recognising a knowledgeable and trustworthy business in the digital age is easier than ever. With significant information being a few clicks away, you can search for suppliers’ recommendations and verify the quality of the services provided without leaving the office. 

When searching for a legit supplier or business partnership, look out for things like reviews from past and current clients. Moreover, try to carefully investigate their digital footprint and look for any traces of behaviours that could raise a red flag such as doubtful PR stories or lack of customer support when it comes to dealing with negative customer feedback.    

If you’re looking for a trusted partner in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire for your recruitment, look no further than Bucks and Berks. We’ve been successfully helping companies find qualified staff for over 96 years in a wide variety of industries. Contact our team today to start finding qualified candidates for your company.

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