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The Good Bad and Ugly of Corporate Gifts

On20/ 12 /16

Christmas is now less than a week away and it’s prime time for corporate gifting. 

Whilst, gifting can be a nice way to thank clients and customers, unfortunately not all gifts are well received. 

Some gifts can be nice and safe, others a little cheeky and a few just wildly inappropriate. We bring you the good, bad and ugly of corporate gifts.

The Good

Chocolates and Wine  - Chocolates and wine make a nice festive gift except for non-drinkers or those with intolerances, of course. For the health gurus, something like a graze subscription is a good alternative.

Pampering Gifts – Most of us enjoy a little downtime, including the men so pampering gifts are gladly received. A relaxing massage or treatment can be a real treat, particularly after a busy December.

Personalised gifts – It’s nice to choose a gift with the personal touch. So, companies that take the time to find out about their client’s interests and select their gifts accordingly often get it right. A personalised gift could be tickets to a sporting or music event or even a canine gift for the dog lovers out there.

The Bad

Bad gifts come in many guises and are often sent in a hurry or without any planning. Our pick of bad corporate gifts includes a couple of common offenders.

A gift card for the company they work for - If you are thanking a client, it’s probably wise not to send them one of their own gift cards. This often happens when companies are enrolled in a corporate gift card scheme. Few gifts scream lack of imagination more than this!

Corporate pens, mugs or t-shirts - It’s a safe bet to avoid any gifts that come from your stationary cupboard. This also extends to company branded clothing. Whatever your true motive, it just looks like you’re offloading your excess supplies.

The Ugly

Anything Out of date – Okay, so you’d really hope that sending out of date food or chocolates to your clients wouldn’t be an issue – yet it still happens. To avoid the ultimate gifting faux pas, always double-check the sell by date. Better safe, than sorry!

It’s also best to check people’s dietary and religious beliefs before sending both alcohol and meat such as a festive ham to avoid looking rude and inconsiderate.

Anything Suggestive - Avoid anything rude or suggestive at all costs, even if you have a good personal relationship with your client. You may think they’ll find it funny, but in reality you never really know. This could be a quick and unnecessary way to lose valuable business.

Nothing - Do think before you give your clients plain old nothing. Even something small can be a really nice gesture to your loyal clients and customers. What are you waiting for – there’s still time to find that perfect corporate gift!

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