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The Importance of Hosting Team Building Activities

On25/ 07 /18
Love them or loath them, team-bonding activities can significantly improve the results of workplace projects that involve teamwork. The concept of active learning “has been proven to lead to higher retention rates up to 90% as team building events utilise interactive and engaging activities”.   The question is, is your company is using them, and if not, why not? 

Not sure why your employees are leaving? Ask them

Did you know, according to Office Vibe, 89% of employers think their employees leave for a better salary, while only 12% of employees actually do leave for more money?

So, a good place to start when it comes to evaluating the need for team building activities for your company is to go through some stats. Contact your HR department and try to dig into some information about the potential reasons why your employees decided to leave the business. Or, perhaps, if there was any important feedback you received during appraisals or one-to-one sessions that could give you some steer on what is lacking. 

Recognising the problem

When it comes to motivating low-performing staff, the core question to ask yourself is whether there are any internal issues going on between your employees. They could be compromised of a lack of communication, limited trust or unhealthy competition. If you can recognise the problem, start by trying to solve it first. Rewarding underperforming staff with a team bonding activity is not an ideal solution, especially in the long run. 

Choosing the right activities 

If there is no obvious reason for your staff to not perform as you wish them to, organising different types of team building activities will help you to target all possible causes.  

For example, taking your team out for lunch is a great way of enhancing the relationship between you and your employees. This can be very helpful when it comes to cracking any management-employer communication issues. 

If you think that the problem lies in your employees being unable to collaborate with each other, then encouraging them to volunteer for charity as a group could help with resolving this. For example, think about hosting a company-wide bake sale and encouraging everyone to get involved. 

Feeling like your staff are missing a healthy work-life balance? Invite your co-workers to bring in their families for one day. By doing so, you’ll provide them with a perfect occasion to develop friendships outside of work, which can cement team cooperation in the workplace. 

Having unhappy staff can be hugely damaging to a business. By using the right kind of activities, you can help make sure your staff are happy, motivated and on top of their game.

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