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The Team Behind The Temps

On01/ 02 /21

Why Temps?

Temporary staff can fill valuable skills gaps in an organisation, at short notice for specific time periods to cover a project or busy periods. We know how important our temps are to our clients, and to us! There are too many to mention each by name, so we decided to talk to one of the people behind our tremendous temporary workforce. 
Carly Gibbs has been in recruitment for over 16 years, gaining both team and personal accolades over her career for her exemplary service to both clients and candidates.  We are delighted that she is part of our team at Bucks and Berks. She supports our clients across the Thames Valley by quickly providing tailored staffing solutions for them, anything from a short-term temporary cover to fixed longer term contracts. She can call on our vast network of skilled temps and find the right person for the role and the business culture. 
We are all living in extraordinary times, but even the current limitations of home working and distancing when in office spaces has not slowed Carly down. The temps desk is as busy as ever; many businesses are finding flexible recruiting solutions the perfect option in an uncertain market. Find out more about her busy day and how she makes the ‘home office’ work for her, even with home schooling to juggle!

What is the first thing you do when you start work in the morning? 

Apart from have a cup of tea! I create or run through my list of things to deal with for the day. Every day for me starts with a list and ends with a list for the following day to make sure nothing gets missed. I have always made lists of things to do or what needs to be done since I was little and my Daughter (7) also follows in my footsteps!  
Currently you are working from home, what do you do to get in a work headspace, or do you find it easy? 
I had a bit of a rearrange with furniture to support me working from home so now have a desk, computer, phone, headset all at home which I find helpful to put me in work mode. Having a set space enables me to differentiate between work and home life. The desk is under the stairs, so tucked away nicely but I do sometimes wish I had a door so I could be at “work” when the children are about!

What do you do in a normal day?

I start most days (after my cup of tea and list!)  with a call with Gemma Hall, my Manager. We will discuss the plan for the day, positives happening, negatives, current movement in the market, companies recruiting and any compliance that needs addressing. Without the daily interaction in the office it is really important to still feel part of the team and the call with Gemma really enables me to get that. On a temps desk things are always changing; you could start with a relatively quiet looking day which, after 1 or 2 calls with urgent temporary assignments to fill, can turn into a longer busier day. I always remain flexible and adaptable, you have to be.  
What do you most enjoy about your job? 
The people, I enjoy speaking to different candidates and clients and get lots of satisfaction in finding people the right match. I have experienced placing candidates in temporary ad-hoc assignments which can develop in career changing roles for the candidates with that business, which is really satisfying. I like that I have a network of people that I am still in touch with from when I first started my career in Recruitment, 16 years ago. I also enjoy how fast paced and busy the role can be, there is never a dull moment that’s for sure!

What challenges do you face in the job? 

Both the most enjoyable and the most challenging part of the job is the people. I think it can be overwhelming when you are job searching and sometimes, as humans, we do make decisions that we later on wish we hadn’t. My job is to ensure that if a candidate changes their mind on a role, or a client changes their mind on a candidate, I deal with the process with as little damage caused as possible to all parties! It is a juggling act, but one that happens.  
What is the one bit of advice you would give any new candidate? 
To a new candidate I would say always to be open minded, this especially true for temporary work. I have had candidates that have said no I don’t want to temp, I only want to look for permanent work. What is great about a temporary opportunity is that it could be a foot in the door of a business or job that they may have never heard of or considered working for. It can lead to a career path that they never expected to go down or thought they could.

What is the best thing about working for Bucks and Berks Recruitment? 

There are lots of things! Having worked for recruitment agencies in the past I feel that Bucks and Berks has the best of all of them, here are my best bits! 
The Marketing we do that enables us to reach out to our candidates and clients in a variety of ways, professionally and with clear and consistent company branding. 
I could sense from day one that everyone, whether they be a contractor or a full-time employee enjoyed being part of the team and loved being in the office together. As much as we are not in the office currently you can still get that feeling of being part of the team virtually! 
The recruitment experience within the business is incredible; loyal, successful consultants going from strength to strength. They are all so supportive and encouraging of each other and want everyone to succeed and do well within the business.

When you are working at home how do you end your ‘working day’ and properly sign off?

I enjoy the flexibility of working from home right now, it means that I can do the school run, when the schools reopen! I can help with the odd maths question or go to the park when we all need a break, which means that I don’t sign off from a day like I used to, often signing back on when the kids have gone to bed. Working in temporary recruitment also means I regularly check my emails and phone for any urgent requests or last-minute changes. Weekends are pure family time, the office under the stairs is closed and I feel that my work life balance is being met! 

If you want to discuss how our team of consultants can help support you in your recruitment plans get in touch.
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