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Time For A Change?

On25/ 07 /17

Tired of the view from your desk? Done with the daily commute? Is it time to leave your job? 

Career decisions can be hard at the best of times, particularly when it comes to making big changes. 

Many people stay in jobs that aren’t right for them, due to insecurities or fear of change. Others are worried about leaving a job that offers them security.

So how can you determine whether moving is the wisest choice? We explore some key questions that should help you decide.

Are you growing or shrinking?

Is your current position allowing you to grow and learn? In today’s fast paced world, if we aren’t learning, we’re probably moving backwards.

What’s more, learning helps to keep us motivated and gives us the confidence to perform well in our role. So, if you aren’t growing, start to think about the kind of job where you could.

Does your job align with your long-term goals?

Evaluate whether your role fits with your long-term goals. If it doesn’t, are they any adjustments you can make to stay on track? Perhaps you can take on new responsibilities or learn about a new area of the business?

If you find no way of continuing your progression, this is a strong signal that you could benefit from moving on.

Do you have a work-life balance?

If you’re spending too much time at work, it’s worth doing some digging to evaluate what could be improved. 

Could you manage your workflow better or delegate some tasks? If the issue is just down to sheer volume, you should discuss this with your management – and if change isn’t on the horizon, it’s worth considering your options.

This also applies to commuting. See what actions you can take to take the sting out of your journey; however if it continues to wear you down, it makes sense to explore opportunities closer to home.

Are your skills being used?

If your current role doesn’t make the most of your skills and abilities, your job satisfaction is likely to be low. Successes at work, just as in other areas of life, help to keep us motivated and encourage us to achieve more.

So, take the time to reflect upon your key skills and strengths and whether these are being fully utilised in your role.

Do you feel passionate about your job?

If you don’t feel like going to work in the morning, this is the surest sign that that it might be time for a change. Once you have lost passion for your role, it is hard to regain it.

Try to pinpoint why you feel this way, is it because the work doesn’t challenge you or perhaps you don’t enjoy the work environment? Identifying the root cause will help you to establish whether you should stay or go.

When is the right time?

The truth is that if you carry on waiting for the perfect time, it may never come. It often pays to be bold and can feel quite liberating once you decide to act. Looking for new opportunities allows you to be future-focused which immediately shifts your outlook.

What shouldn’t sway you?

Did you notice that salary wasn’t on the list? Whilst salary can be a huge influencer, it shouldn’t make or break your decision to leave. 

If your job offers you a great working environment, uses your skills and gives you opportunities for growth, it may not be worth giving this up for a higher salary. Again consider your long-term goals, and always negotiate with your current employer before agreeing to a new position.

If you’re looking to make your next career move, contact us at Bucks and Berks. We can help you find a role that takes you closer to your long-term goals.
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