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Top Recruitment Buzzwords You Need to Start Using Right Now

On24/ 04 /19

‘Proficient in Microsoft Office…’ ‘Great communication skills…’ ‘Good team player…’

 Do these phrases sound familiar to you?

 With the threat of a saturated candidates’ market, creating a resume that stands out is a must for jobseekers. Whether we are talking about a paper version of your CV or a LinkedIn profile, here are the top recruitment buzzwords you need to be including right now to stay ahead of your job-hunting game.


#1 – ‘Flexible’

Flexibility in the workplace is an important professional trait to have - it essentially means that you’re willing and able to readily respond to changing circumstances and expectations. This is very important, especially in the age when company cultures are changing to more innovative approaches to work, such as remote working.

With over 67% of employees wishing they were offered flexible working terms, working away from your regular office set-up is proven to increase efficiency and productivity, which could have a dramatic impact on your future performance and growth.

Flexibility is also an important buzzword to include if you are applying for an agency, SME or startup-based role, which will usually require you to go above and beyond your basic job duties. Workers with an orientation towards flexibility never say, "it’s not my job" or "do I have to?" when they are asked to take on a new assignment. Flexible employees modify their approach to tasks based on the preferences of stakeholders and the unique demands of each situation, so it’s a must - if you want to succeed.

#2 – ‘Self-motivated’

With many organisations changing the way they operate, hiring managers are on the lookout for dynamic, self-motivated candidates. This means that you’re the kind of person who is fully capable of thinking up new ideas and approaches, and demonstrating that you do not need to be micromanaged to get things done - all of which can be crucial to career progression prospects.

By highlighting the fact that you are a self-starter, you are also sending a signal to your potential employer that you are ready to take on new challenges and you are a creative problem-solver. This is very attractive to any recruiter, especially in larger corporations.

 #3 – ‘Detail oriented’

 "Attention to detail" is an important resume skill to highlight. The ability to manipulate small pieces of data with accuracy and focus, for example, is a crucial skill in applicable to a broad range of jobs - especially if you are looking for a new role within financial services, marketing and sales, or administration-related industries.

By stating that you are detail oriented, you’re declaring yourself to be accurate and precise in nature.

Employers value individuals who take pride in their work and strive for perfection without rigidity. A balance must be achieved between seeing the big picture and attending to details, so make sure that you emphasise both skills while at the interview.

#4 – ‘Revenue’ / ‘Profits’ / ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI)

Highlighting achievements on your CV helps to make the case for you being the right person for the job - and that you should definitely make that shortlist.

Using compelling, convincing statements in your CV - particularly those linked to how you helped to generate revenue or make a profit is a great way to show that you can deliver meaningful results for an organisation.

Prior to writing your resume, put together some numbers if you can, and try to identify how your role has made a measurable difference for your organisation.

You should remember that every employer will be more interested in candidates that have a proven track record when it comes to boosting profits, improving efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. Therefore, showing some numbers can really work as a magnet when it comes to catching a hiring manager’s attention; leading you to secure an interview and perhaps eventually land the job you’ve had your eyes on. 

#5 – ‘Redesign’ / ‘Launch’ / ‘Innovate’

If you are ready to take the initiative and embrace new challenges, make sure that you state this in your CV. Hiring managers do really appreciate applicants who are shown to be actively contributing to their organisational growth and development, so do not be afraid of showing your achievements.

Using positive words such as ‘redesign’, ‘launch’ and ‘innovate’ within your CV is giving a strong signal that you have made a significant contribution in your past roles. Think about any projects you have coordinated that might have boosted your company’s revenue and improved the overall quality of work, for example?

It could be that you’re the author of a plan that helps structure and organise more effective internal communications. Describe how much value you added whilst you were working in different positions and talk in depth about the experiences you had while accomplishing some major tasks in your past companies. Additionally, think about any changes that you have brought to your past companies, how they have been implemented and whether they have contributed to the success of the company in any way – and don’t forget to tie these statements in with some numbers or data to show your ability to boost profits!

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