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Why Business is Booming in Bracknell

On22/ 02 /17
Bracknell has been a thriving business centre for many years. Some have even described the town as the 'Silicon valley of the Thames Valley'.

So how has an unassuming Berkshire town gained this reputation? We take a look.

Location, location, location

According to Former MP Andrew Mackay, Bracknell's commercial success is all about location. The town is close to London, Heathrow and the M4. It is also just a few miles from Reading and Windsor. This makes it an ideal base for big corporates and multinationals. 

Technology companies are present in Bracknell in high numbers with HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, Panasonic and Dell all occupying offices within Bracknell's business parks. However, other sectors are also well represented with John Lewis Partnership, BMW and Sainsbury’s all in the town.

The presence of big and growing brands means Bracknell is home to a wide rage of skilled jobs with good salaries. According to the Office of National Statistics (2012 figures), the average weekly wage of full-time staff in Bracknell is £698, which puts Bracknell second in the UK after London.

The town also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. If anything, there it's a skills shortage rather than a jobs shortage here.

This prosperity is reflected in a strong property market and high levels of home ownership. Bracknell consequently features highly in many 'quality of life' surveys.

A Focus On Education

Location may be a large part of Bracknell's success, however it doesn't present the complete picture. Education it seems is also a strong contributory factor in the town's affluence.

Bracknell offers a range of good schools for all education stages including the secondary schools Ranelagh and Garth Hill College, rated ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted respectively. Good Primary schools include Kennel Lane School and Binfied COE Primary School.

It seems that the town's success is filtering down to inspire the next generation of workers. A high proportion of school leavers go on to take A levels and pursue Higher Education. Some will return to take up jobs at the town's many big firms, whilst others will opt to commute to London. 

More On The Horizon

Bracknell is showing no signs of slowing down with ambitious redevelopment plans in place that are set to transform the city over the next couple of years. The plans, due for completion in 2017, include new offices, shops and restaurants. 

The centrepiece of the development is the Lexicon, a shopping centre set to provide 1,000,000 square feet of retail space. A huge £11.4 million is also to be spent on further improving the town’s transport network.

It is hoped that the redevelopment will transform Bracknell into the go-to destination for shoppers diners and other visitors, as well as encouraging a new stream of start-ups and expanding businesses.

So all in all, the future looks bright for Bracknell with excellent schools, a strong local economy, ambitious plans for growth and job opportunities ever-increasing in the town. 

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