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Why should we hire you?

On29/ 06 /17

The question why should we hire you can come in many guises, including why are you the best person for the job? What can you bring to the position? Or why do you think you’re a good fit for the role?

Really, the whole interview process is about answering this one question. It’s about conveying your suitability for the role convincingly. When you are asked this question in an interview, it is simply a request to summarise this, articulately and succinctly.

What does the interviewer want to know? 

The interviewer is asking for your elevator pitch. They want you to synopsise what makes you the best fit for the position, what you hope to bring to the role and the problems that you can help them solve. Equally, they want re-assurance that you will quickly settle in and get the job done

This question is normally asked towards the end of an interview although bold interviewers might use it earlier on.

Even if you aren’t asked this question, you can incorporate your top reasons in answers throughout the interview.

Key considerations

Many candidates find this question tough because it’s essentially asking you to sell yourself. People can find this awkward – so it’s good to be prepared to avoid any embarrassing silences.

Consider what the most important qualifications, experience and skills might be from the company’s perspective and how you meet these. Focus on your best accomplishments and what could help differentiate you from other applicants.

Aim to show how you can solve a problem – this is where your research will come in. Find out the company’s pain points and evaluate how these could be reduced or eliminated. 

This means looking at their competitors and see whether they are doing anything differently. Research each issue online and brainstorm to come up with your own solutions. This will give you something truly unique to bring to the table.

How to shape your answer

Remember that your answer needs to be brief, so focus on the key information that you need to convey to the interviewer.

How your experience and skills meet the job brief
The organisation’s pain points and potential solutions
Your desire to make an impact in your first 3-6 months
How well you believe you will fit in with the team.

Provide concrete examples

Unfortunately, it’s not enough simply to state that you are honest and hardworking. You will need to validate your answer, with specific examples. 

E.g. I am hardworking and always see projects through to completion. On a recent project, I put in voluntary overtime to ensure that a deadline was met.

I constantly strive to improve business performance. In my current role, I have improved sales by 5% in the last 6 months by carrying out research and identifying weaknesses in the sales process. 

A Sample Answer

“Looking at the job brief, I have all the skills and experience that you’re looking for, with x years in the industry and holding x qualification/s. 

I realise that customer retention is a big challenge in this industry, particularly in the current climate. I have successfully improved this in my last role by doing x and y and am keen to use this knowledge to tackle this here at x company. 

I’m confident that I could settle in well with the team and quickly make a difference in this role.” 

If you’re on the lookout for your next role, get in touch with the team at Bucks and Berks. We can help simplify your job search and guide you to your ideal role.

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