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Why Temping is Great for your CV

On13/ 12 /18
Currently the job market is heating up with some fantastic companies searching to expand their teams with new employees, it has never been a better time to look for your next career move.  It doesn't always need to be a permanent position, whilst temp working may seem like a riskier option, there are many benefits that you should consider before ruling it out as an option. 

Here, we give you a quick run-down of just some of the possible benefits to be enjoyed when taking up a temporary role.

1. You may have more rights as a temp than you first imagined

It could be that you’ve previously held a long-term, permanent role and you think that working on a temp contract won’t afford you anywhere near the same number of benefits and conditions that you were used to. Or, this may be your first job after leaving university or college, and you’ve heard a mixed bag of stories about working as a temp from family and friends. 

We’ve checked in with the website, which makes your rights as a temporary (or agency) worker really clear: 

“From the day you start work you have a worker’s employment rights.”

Specifically, for this nature of work, you can use any shared facilities (e.g. a canteen, workplace creche, car parking) provided by your employer, just like a permanent employee. You’re also entitled to be treated the same as a permanent employee when it comes to:

Not being discriminated against due to age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, pregnancy and maternity, and even the hours you work (i.e. part-time)
Not receiving unlawful deductions from your wages
Safe working conditions 

And, after 12 weeks, you qualify for the same rights as someone employed on a permanent basis. This includes:

‘Equal pay’ – you’re entitled to receive the same pay as a permanent colleague who is doing the same job as you (as long as you’re not on a ‘pay between assignments’ contract
Paid annual leave

2. It keeps your CV game strong

If you’ve decided to enjoy some downtime beyond the summer months, taking up a temp post over Christmas will help you no end in making up the recent gap periods in your career record (also known as your CV!).

Plus, think of all those new professional skills you’ll be learning over a relatively short period – this could include your first stint at managing a small team, learning about new software and systems, and perhaps you’ll even be able to squeeze in a couple of external training days too? All whilst you’re being paid anyway.

3. It can help you grow professionally and personally

Even if you’ve spent your young adult life studying something specific - either at an academic or vocational level – sometimes, people can end up almost falling into a job they weren’t planning to take up. And sometimes, it can actually end up working out for them pretty well, because you’ll discover that you actually like elements or aspects of that role. 

Similarly, if you’ve spent years in one particular industry or in one particular role, trying something new can give you new perspectives, and allow you to reassess what you want your long-term career to be. 

Working in temp roles can grant you this kind of insight. You might find that you particularly enjoy working on one particular part of a project, or that you have a natural flair for something which you had never even tried before. 

As well as the professional aspect, there’s also a personal side; particularly when you’re working during the Christmas period. 

It’s a time of year which naturally lends itself to being more social, with Christmas drinks and Christmas do’s happening all over the place. 

With this in mind, there’s lots to be gained from meeting and getting to know a whole bunch of new faces - some of whom may end up being firm friends or potential employers in the future.

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