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GROWTH   23 July 2021

The Olympic Games gets underway this weekend in Tokyo after a year of waiting.

Unlike any previous Olympics and Paralympics this years games is a much longed for opportunity for us all to come together and support our country on an international stage. Something we have missed over recent years. Both games will also bring us a host of hugely inspiring stories.

We can’t wait to cheer them on and are sure that their successes and journeys so far will give us some valuable lessons and inspire us. With this in mind, we take a look at what inspires us in the workplace and what you can do to feel great at work.

Making A Difference – We all want to feel that our efforts are making a tangible difference to our customers, clients or end users.

Whether this is increased sales, awards, personal recognition, the impact is the same. Creating happy clients or customers is one of the best feelings in the world and always inspires us to keep going.

If we prioritise our actions with the greatest potential to make a difference to our clients, we are far more likely to see meaningful gains.

Great People – The people (or team) we work with can have a massive influence on how we feel, and our performance at work. We can all think of a great leader, manager or co-worker who inspires us to be better and do more.

These people often lead by example; they are committed and passionate about what they do. This enthusiasm is often contagious, creating a culture of innovation and progress. And by modelling their behaviour, we can often achieve more ourselves.

Learning – Learning keeps us interested and expands our repertoire. It also prevents our work becoming stale or lacklustre.

If we don’t keep learning and progressing to the next level we can quickly get left behind. Even if you consider yourself to be an expert in your field or industry, there is always more to learn.

Crucially, learning gives us both the tools and impetus to generate new ideas.
If we can focus on learning something new each day, we can inspire our clients, customers and co-workers.

Appreciation – There is nothing like being told you’ve done a good job to boost confidence and inspire you to keep improving.

Good managers can inspire their staff by ensuring that their efforts are noticed. Whilst every project or piece of work may not be an immediate success, recognising worker’s strengths and offering encouragement will help to keep them motivated.

Achieving Goals – If our work does not stretch and challenge us, it will never inspire us. Goal setting therefore plays an important role in keeping us motivated and moving forwards.

When we work towards a meaningful goal, we are often pushed outside our comfort zone. This can make achieving the goal ever more satisfying, and will inspire us to keep working to be the very best we can be.

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