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5 Tips to Help You Find Your Ideal Job Match

On21/ 03 /18
Finding a dream career isn’t easy. No matter how old you are, landing yourself a job that fits your lifestyle can be a real challenge. 

While young people often struggle to determine what their desired career path is, those who have been working for years will often stop and think about whether they could be doing something which makes them happier.

Here, at Bucks & Berks, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to help you find your ideal job match so you’ll never have to worry about Mondays again. 

1. Look critically at your current career

A good way to kick-off the hunt for your ‘ideal’ job is to take a critical look at your current and previous roles and figure out what it was about them that made you happy - or unhappy. This can be anything ranging from a long commute to the office environment or co-workers. Once you’ve pulled together a list of pros and cons, think about the steps you can take to eliminate the things you don’t enjoy i.e. consider working remotely.

2. Think about your skills

One of the most popular items on the list that stops people from seeking a dream role and even changing a career is a limited skillset. This is especially true for middleweight employees, who already have a certain number of years’ experience under their belt and aren’t necessarily keen on expanding it. To tackle this issue, put together a summary of the skills you already have and the ones that need polishing to match the skills required within a certain role. Alternatively, you might want to think about developing these 5 steps to accelerate your career.  

3. Test your personality 

Matching up your personality with a suitable role is vital to a successful career change. After all, who would like to work in customer service if they don’t enjoy a customer-facing role? To test your capability and potential, go online and check out a variety of free career tests to determine the perfect career path for you. 

4. Let the professionals look after you

Submitting your CV to a reputable recruitment agency could increase your chances of being hired and will also save you time in terms of job hunting. A recruiter will also take time to understand your skills and values so that they can match you to a suitable company, something that is difficult to gauge when using job boards alone. They will also be able to negotiate on your behalf, so don’t wait - reach out to your local recruiter today. 

5. Do your research

When it comes to the perfect career, we often meet people who are dreaming about getting a job within a certain organisation. If you happen to be one of them, start with doing some research about the business and investigate what experience is needed. Don’t be afraid of looking at the company’s employees LinkedIn profiles as well as the organisation’s online profiles. Finding out what their values are and how you could contribute will stand you in good stead when it comes to interviewing for the position. 

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