What Type of Role Are You Looking For?

GROWTH   8 July 2022

When it comes to facing tricky interview questions, there are some in particular that might feel like a trap – and being asked, “what type of role you are looking for” is clearly one of them. Because isn’t it just obvious? You are here, being interviewed for a position that fits your experience and expectations, so why would a hiring manager want to ask that? Answering with a single reason such as focusing on a location that works for you like London or Reading can sell yourself short. So how can you impress the interview panel with your answer? 

Bucks & Berks explain.

Why I was asked this question?

Recruiting a new person to join a company is a big deal for both a candidate and an employer. Although it might feel that applying for a job is a one-way street, in reality it isn’t.
Obviously, it’s important for you to find the role you’ll be comfortable in, but the recruiter’s intention is to find out whether your long-terms goals match what they’re looking for as well.  By asking about your expectations, they’re hoping to get a window into your personality to assess your attitude and temperament in a working situation.

So what should the perfect answer look like?


A good way to start is reviewing the actual job specification to see what kind of experience and skills are required. When you do, cross-examine them against your own goals and interests to give yourself a clear idea to see if these are things that you are looking for in your next role.

A good solution is also to provide your recruiter with some precise examples of your past jobs and skills to give him/her a better picture of your past experience and help to decide whether you are a good fit for the company.

Show your ambition

Ambition is a great thing. When speaking to a hiring manager, it’s also worth finding out if there is a progression path available – are there any special requirements or training you have to meet or complete in order to progress? This is very important, especially if you consider your next role as a long-term obligation.

Remember that if a recruiter is presented with the choice between two equally decent applicants, they will always choose a person who is more ready to achieve success.

Speak positively

You might be surprised to find out how many candidates when asked about their expectations for a new role complain about their previous employers. This kind of behaviour definitely raises a red flag, especially if you feel over confident in your skills and feel like no company can fulfil your expectations.

To not fall into this trap, think wisely about your experience to date and demonstrate your willingness to learn new skills. By doing so, you will show a prospective employer that you’re ready for the challenge and you want to professionally grow.

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